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Microsoft Settlement

Update 11/05/ 09. Microsoft Settlement. http://ia-micro-settlement.pbworks.com /. MS Settlement Timeline: a historical view. Questions during this session…. Please post questions here: http://etherpad.com/LdBSEEvs3V. $$$$$.

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Microsoft Settlement

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  1. Update 11/05/09 Microsoft Settlement http://ia-micro-settlement.pbworks.com/

  2. MS Settlement Timeline: a historical view

  3. Questions during this session… • Please post questions here: http://etherpad.com/LdBSEEvs3V

  4. $$$$$ • • Final budget figure for schools should be known by Oct. 31, 2009. • • $168 for High School $126 MS/EL is still the estimate on the amount of money per student • • The amount of $$ a school gets is still based on 10/07 F/RL enrollment

  5. Eligibility • The Eligibility List has been published on the MS website, linked our wiki site. • http://ia-micro-settlement.pbworks.com/ • If an item is determined to be ineligible, that decision is final, there is no appeal.

  6. Vouchers • Amount of money is divided between two types of vouchers: • Software & General purpose vouchers. • • The funding split between general purpose voucher and software purpose voucher is 50/50.

  7. Filing the App • Schools have until May 11, 2010 to file their application. • • Applications are filed at www.edinfo.state.ia.us • As soon as it is filed, a data release letter and the signed assurances sheet must be mailed.

  8. The Plan • A school's MS application plan must be linked to the Iowa Core Curriculum in one of the five areas. (Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, 21st Cent. Skills) NOT ICC Implementation plan! • This funding is not to be used to implement the ICC, or to take the place of the normal technology budget in a school. • This funding is to supplement the Core by providing additional technology for enhanced implementation.

  9. PD Waiver • Schools can get a wavier for the required of 30% of PD by saying that the 30% will be in-kind or matching funding, so they won't have to take it out of their general purpose funds. • Value of the contribution • Keystone provided • Teacher time

  10. Possible Scenario – 1-1 Literacy $100,000 - Target 9th grade Literacy, 1-1 laptops , address reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing through a variety of digital storytelling and podcasting project based learning activities.

  11. Possible Scenario – Whiteboards/Science $50,000 - Target 6thth grade Science – Science as Inquiry - through questioning, examining evidence and communicating findings.

  12. Purchasing • http://www.iec-ia.org/ New Software Vendor for Iowa • http://iec.academicsuperstore.com/

  13. Evaluation • The effectiveness of the program has to be assessed by a norm-referenced test and schools are required to test in the spring, reporting grade level growth. • Norm-referenced tests (NRTs) compare a person's score against the scores of a group of people who have already taken the same exam, called the "norming group”.

  14. Acceptable Tests? • ITBS/ITED are acceptable tests. • Iowa End of Course Exams assessment FormA/Fall FormB/spring for grades 9-12. • Must report testing at a grade span: • 3-5 • 6-8 • 9-12 

  15. More….. • • Testing costs - Can come from general purpose funds • • Must test every spring for all funding years For participating teachers • • There will be an online once a month reporting process • Funding window lasts until - Aug. 15 , 2013

  16. ICN sessions will be held on November 16, 18 & 19 (Assessment) http://www.iptv.org/iowa_database/event-detail.cfm?ID=10063 • Microsoft Settlement Update November 16, 2009 - Monday, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Educators   (Reg Deadline - 11/10/09) • Microsoft Settlement Update (Keystone AEA1) November 18, 2009 - Wednesday, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Educators   (Reg Deadline - 11/10/09) • Microsoft Settlement Update November 19, 2009 - Thursday, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Educators   (Reg Deadline - 11/17/09)

  17. Use your laptop…. • Please respond to this questionnaire: • http://tinyurl.com/ylpllyq • Thank you!

  18. Questions? Get handouts, ppts, tips, links and more… http://ia-micro-settlement.pbworks.com/ John O'Connell pljohn.oconnell@mchsi.com john.oconnell@iowa.gov call 515-249-0334.

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