Have u heard round table for kids in need colombo round table 01 crt 01
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“Have U Heard ” Round Table for Kids in Need Colombo Round Table 01 (CRT 01). By Mangala Niyarepola CRT1 / Vice Chairman 2012/2013. Can U Hear me now?. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Have you heard ? Lets spend a moment in Nilupa’s shoes …… truly for a moment!

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Have u heard round table for kids in need colombo round table 01 crt 01

“Have U Heard” Round Table for Kids in NeedColombo Round Table 01 (CRT 01)

By MangalaNiyarepola

CRT1 / Vice Chairman 2012/2013

Have u heard round table for kids in need colombo round table 01 crt 01

Can U


me now?











Have u heard round table for kids in need colombo round table 01 crt 01

Have you heard ?

Lets spend a moment in Nilupa’s shoes …… truly for a moment!

You’re a child born with profound hearing loss (in medical terms “Severely Deaf”) and came to NHFs shelter at the tender age of two, almost a decade ago!

Then a miracle happens…! The CRT1 - sings music to your ears in a way that you could hear for the first time in your life by gifting an Audiology & Verbal Therapy Center to NHF, where you were given hearing aids and provided speech therapy for nearly 4years ……..!

Now Nilupa hears her own music by skillfully playing the violin ……. and speaks reasonably well too. A very talented pupil in school and she recently got through her grade 5 scholarship exam . Nilupa still continues to visit NHF three days a week to learn music …… what she likes the most …….

She is hoping to be a musician …….. One day !

By joining hands with “Have You Heard” Project You can help to end the silence - in a big or small way!

Why Narada Savana Hearing Foundation?

CRT 01 Involvement



Role of RT Austria

PHASE 3 - Proposition

Why nhf where were they
Why “NHF” & where were they?

  • Vision:

  • To transform every Deaf and hard of hearing child into a hearing and speaking young adult living in dignity, enabling mother Lanka to reap the benefit of all his or her innate talents.

  • Mission

  • To facilitate early screening and intervention towards providing speech and language training to hearing impaired children and instill into parents that they are the architects of creating the correct environment for their children’s education

What impressed crt1 the most about nhf
What impressed CRT1 the most ….about NHF

  • Main objective of NHF:

    is to prevent children with impaired hearing growing up untreated due to poverty and ignorance of their parents.

  • Achievement:

    NaradaSavana (Hear) Foundation, NHF, has so far integrated several rehabilitated deaf children to regular primary schools and is continuing to enroll more kids in order to allow them to join the main stream society without a burden.

  • What they do there:

    Once a child’s hearing loss is diagnosed and appropriate hearing aids are made available, the child can be taught to listen, hear and learn the spoken word through the use of techniques such as auditory verbal therapy.

Why crt1 got involved
Why CRT1 got involved?

  • In almost all countries of the world, this form of training is common and available. Sadly, Sri Lanka is not as fortunate, as the Government’s emphasis was and still is on teaching sign language which is now considered an obsolete method.

  • Colombo Round Table 1 embarked on this meritorious project to assist the “NHF” under the project theme of ““Have U Heard” - Round table for Kids in Need” with to build a complete audiology center in Gampaha, Sri Lanka.

  • Since our intervention in 2007, The NaradaSavana (Hear) Foundation, NHF, has achieved a tremendous success in achieving their goal of having a fully fledged Audiology Verbal Therapy Center.

Phase 1 accomplished functioning
Phase 1: Accomplished & Functioning

  • Audiology Verbal Therapy Center - has been in operation since December 2010.

    • Over 70 children were treated & trained and are schooling in various local national schools with other children.

Phase 2 in progress
Phase 2: … in progress

  • The Second stage of the Proposed Audiology Centre construction commenced in December 2011.

  • All the construction work is being closely monitored and payments are being made based on measure and pay basis. Below are some of the ongoing construction work photos of the second stage.

Phase 2 status quo
Phase 2: Status Quo

Commendable generosity rt austria s contribution
Commendable generosity!!RT Austria’s Contribution…

  • Round table Austria have been the largest contributor for this project and have donated approximately EURO 43,500 to date to make this dream a reality.

  • This is the 5th consecutive year (from 2009) that RT Austria supporting CRT1 in this project.

International recognition
International recognition…

  • The project has won the Round Table International President’s Charity award.

    Project Chairman; Chandana L. Aluthgama receiving the President’s Award for charity form RikusBadenhorst Vice President RT International at the Asia Pacific AGM in Goa, also in the picture the Chairman Asia Pacific region Ajay Handa and RTSL President ChamikaGodamanna

What we thought best to do during next year phase 3
What we thought best to do during next year ….. “Phase 3”

  • The Objective of this phase is to :

    • Provide children with impaired hearing the support required via providing necessary hearing aid devices, cochlear implants , speech therapy and continuous monitoring so that those children will be able to join the mainstream education.

The available solutions and support needed by nhf for children with hearing impairment
The available solutions and support needed by NHF for children with hearing impairment

Hearing Aids

  • Hearing aids make sound louder but not necessarily clearer

  • The earlier in life a child is fitted the more effectively he will learn to use hearing

  • Hearing Aids cost from Rs. 80,000 (Euro 445)

    Cochlear Implants

    • A Cochlear implant bypasses damaged hair cells and stimulate the auditory nerve directly

    • Tremendous controversy surrounds cochlear implants in the deaf community

    • A cochlear implant costs approx. Rs. 2.5Mn

      (Euro 14,000) In Sri Lanka

Cochlear implants in brief
Cochlear Implants children with hearing impairment …….. in brief!

A cochlear Implant to be done at the main government children's hospital in Sri Lanka costs approx. Euros 14,000 i.e. the cost of the entire device to be implanted (excluding other medical costs as done at government hospital)

The same operation at a private hospital in Singapore would cost approx Euros 42,135.

Immediate requirements for the children with profound hearing loss
Immediate requirements for the children with profound hearing loss

  • Since majority of the children with no hearing at all require a cochlear implant urgently and others with partial hearing impairments require hearing aids.

  • This little angel require immediate cochlear implant and short of another Euro 7000 only!

Have u heard round table for kids in need colombo round table 01 crt 01

By Joining hands with the CRT 01 hearing loss

“Have U Heard” Project

you can help to end the silence!

Please visit www.crt1.org

Have u heard round table for kids in need colombo round table 01 crt 01

We hearing losswant to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of this project. The commitment from RT Austria was incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goal this far. Your assistance means so much to us but even more to Sri Lanka.