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Week of: October 28 th – November 1 st PowerPoint Presentation
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Week of: October 28 th – November 1 st

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Week of: October 28 th – November 1 st - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Week of: October 28 th – November 1 st. News to Know . Rowdy Readers.

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Week of: October 28th – November 1st

News to Know

Rowdy Readers

The OPRF Food Pantry field trip is on Tuesday! That means we have two days left to collect donations. I have already contacted those who will be chaperoning the trip and supplying the wagons. Thank you so much for volunteering your time and possessions.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the very successful Fall party on Thursday. Pictures of the party are being posted on Shutterfly, there you will be able to view and download pictures.

We have been having difficulty with the Shutterfly site lately. If you cannot sign up for volunteering please email me for notification. Also, please make sure you are not altering or editing whatever we already have up there, thanks!

  • This week during our reading block, the class and I concentrated on the characters, settings and major events of books. While reading nonfiction books we found the main topic and supporting details. We read a lot of books and stories about friendship to accomplish this. Here are some of the books that we read:
  • Simon and Molly plus Hester
  • The Lion and the Mouse
  • The Turtle and the Sheep
  • Junie B. Jones
  • From Seed to Pumpkin
  • Along with these great books the class works hard on our new word wall word this week “my”. We are now up to eight word wall words, if you would like the whole list please let me know.
  • Finally, we added five new vocabulary words that went along with our books and friendship. The words were: problem, solve, thoughtful, grateful and include. These words are meant to expand the student’s oral vocabulary

Math Madness

Upcoming Dates

The class and I finished up a shapes unit by working more with basic shapes and introducing 3D shapes. Our math centers involved magazine searching for basic shapes. We also spent time this week describing and finding 3D shapes in the classroom.

Tuesday, Novermber 5th: OPRF Food Pantry

Monday, November 11th: NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, November 26th: Sharing Feast

November 27th-November 29th: Thanksgiving break

Friday, December 6th: First Trimester Report Cards

Things We Do at Holmes/Things to Work on at Home.

  • Finding the main topic in a nonfiction book.
  • Respecting the feelings of others.
  • Sitting in a chair properly
  • Being aware of physical space around you
  • Rhyming with real and nonsense words
  • Tying shoes and zipping coats