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Week of: October 14 th – October 18 th PowerPoint Presentation
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Week of: October 14 th – October 18 th

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Week of: October 14 th – October 18 th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Week of: October 14 th – October 18 th. News to Know. Rowdy Readers.

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Week of: October 14th – October 18th

News to Know

Rowdy Readers

The kindergarten team has set the date for our first field trip of the school year! On Tuesday morning of November 5th we will walk to the OPRF Food Pantry for a private tour and donate the food that we have collected. More information coming about permission slips and chaperones.

I never got a chance to thank everyone for the excellent conference that we had a couple weeks ago. I am still following up on some things that we talked about but I would still like to send out a hug THANK YOU!

We have started full Daily 5 rotations. What this means is more independent work for the students and more specialized instructions. Ask your child how it is going.

Please practice a couple things with your child to help our school day run a little bit smoother. Please practice: tying shoes, logging onto Lexia and zipping coats…Thanks!

  • Some things that we have been working on in our whole group reading time is retelling a familiar text, either orally or through writing/drawing, discovering unfamiliar words in a text and recognizing the different part of a book. These skill have been reinforced with books that talk about friendship. Along with these skills we have also been concentrating on our /s/ sound especially at the beginning of a word. Finally we added a new sigh word this week, “like”. At this point we are now up to six sight word: I, am, can, we, like, the. Here is a list of some books that we read this week:
  • Put Me in the Zoo
  • What Do You Like
  • Games Around the World
  • Country Mouse, City Mouse
  • Wemberly Worried

Math Madness

Upcoming Dates

  • This week in math we worked really hard on knowing, recognizing and describing basic shapes. The basic shapes include: circle, square, rectangle and triangle. We also worked more with shapes and understanding symmetry. Here were out math centers for the week:
  • Spooky symmetry cutting
  • Basic shapes practice
  • Building animals with shapes
  • Guess my shape
  • Here are some dates that you should know and keep in mind:
  • October 30th: Mr. Dolan not present, first day with a substitute!
  • October 31st: Fall parade and class party
  • November 5th: OPRF Food Pantry field trip
  • November 11th: NO SCHOOL

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

As always, If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns about what we are doing in class or about your child, please email me at