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Seafaring Traders PowerPoint Presentation
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Seafaring Traders

Seafaring Traders

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Seafaring Traders

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  1. Seafaring Traders The Minoans & Phoenicians

  2. By the end of class, you will be able to: __ Define “cultural diffusion” __Identify the Minoans __Explain the economic impact trade had on Minoan society __Explain the cultural impact trade had on Minoan society __Identify the Phoenicians __Explain the economic impact trade had on Phoenician society __Explain the cultural impact trade had on Phoenician society __Explain how trade allows for the exchange of ideas, beliefs, and products

  3. Let’s Review… “CULTURAL DIFFUSION”

  4. Location, location, location! • On a map • Show Crete, Minoa, Knossos

  5. Who Were the Minoans? • Minoans were traders located near the Aegean Sea • They traded pottery, swords, figurines, and precious metals • Capital city: Knossos Aegean Sea

  6. Who Were the Minoans?

  7. Who Were the Minoans? • Overseas trade brought significant wealth to the Minoans

  8. What Was Minoan Culture Like? • Minoans are believed to have worshiped many gods and goddesses by participating in ceremonies, creating shrines, and conducting scarifies • Minoans enjoyed nature, arts, and athletics • Arts & Crafts: Pottery, figurines, paintings, tools, weapons • Athletics: bull-leaping, boxing, wrestling

  9. QUICK WRITE! Why do you think they were able to spend time on athletics, arts, building palaces, and practicing religion?

  10. Image Analysis • Dolphins & Bulls

  11. What Happened to the Minoans? • Location, location, location! Wrong place, wrong time • An Earthquake hit Crete, which destroyed the city • After rebuilding, a series of earthquakes were followed by a volcanic eruption, followed by a tidal wave, followed by volcanic ash • Those who were left were invaded by Greece

  12. Who Were the Phoenicians? • When the Minoans were no longer a trading force, the Phoenicians became important traders in the region • The Phoenicians were expert boat builders and sailors • They traded red-purple dye, papyrus, metals, ivory, cedar, art, crafts, cedar (wood), wine, slaves. Trade brought wealth to the Phoenicians

  13. Who Were the Phoenicians? • The Phoenicians created an alphabet – a system in which symbols represent sounds • Occupied and traded in the Mediterranean, Africa

  14. QUICK WRITE! The creation of an alphabet allowed the Phoenicians to record information and share that information with other parts of the world. What effect do you think writing had on the spread of ideas and beliefs? Use the term “cultural diffusion” in your answer.