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Laos . Awesome Place!!!. By Gloria . The Country Laos. Laos is a landlocked country surrounded by Vietnam (right), Thailand (left), Cambodia (at b ottom), Myanmar (at the top o n the left side) and China at the very top. It has an area of about 236,800 square kilometre. .

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Awesome Place!!!

By Gloria

The country laos
The Country Laos

Laos is a landlocked country

surrounded by Vietnam (right),

Thailand (left), Cambodia (at

bottom), Myanmar (at the top

on the left side) and China at

the very top.

It has an area of about 236,800 square kilometre.

This is the map of Laos h


Vientiane is Laos’s capital city and is also the largest city in Laos.

Located on a curve of the Mekong River, Vientiane has a recorded history that goes back to around 1000 AD.

This is the map of Vientiane h

Luang prabang
Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang, an ancient town in northern Laos, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. This tiny town is surrounded by mountains and is also 700 metres above sea-level which is at the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong Rivers.

This is the map of LuangPrabangh

National anthem old
National Anthem (Old)

  • This is the old national anthem of Laos from 1945 – 1975 i

    The old national anthem was written by Dr. ThongdySounthonevichit in 1941.

Once our Laotian race in Asia highly honored stood
And at that time the folk of Laos were united in love
Today they love their race and rally round their chiefs
They guard the land and the religion of their ancestors
They will resist each foe who may oppress them or invade
And such invaders will be met with battle unto death
They'll restore the fame of Laos and through ills united stand.

In the old days, our Lao people
Were famous all over Asia.
Because the Lao
Were united in love.
Still today, they love their people and country
And rally around their leaders.
They preserve the religion of their fathers,
And protect the soil of their ancestors.
They will never allow another nation to threaten them
Or to occupy their territory.
Every enemy who enters their country
Will find them ready to fight until death.
All together, they can restore the ancient glory of their blood,
and they will stand together in the days of danger.


Xat Lao thung thaedermma,
Sao Lao phouk pun maitri,
Huamsamakkhihuk ho hômgun.
Huk xat hukpathéthao,
Thaebuhahn ma huksa din daen.
Baw hai xat dai ma luan,
Phaikhunkhao ma lounvounvai,
Soujônthua tai tan than sattru,
Feun fu ku ao banthaothouk gun

National anthem
National Anthem

The official national anthem - which is the one now - was written by Sisana Sisane in the year 1975

Both national anthems are called Pheng Xat Lao (Lao: ເພງຊາດລາວ; lit. English: Hymn of the Lao people)

  • This is the official national anthem of Laos (lyrics). i

For all time the Lao people
Have glorified their Fatherland,
United in heart,
Spirit and vigour as one.
Resolutely moving forwards,
Respecting and increasing the dignity of the Lao people
And proclaiming the right to be their own masters.
The Lao people of all origins are equal
And will no longer allow imperialists [2]
And traitors to harm them.
The entire people will safeguard the independence
And the freedom of the Lao nation.
They are resolved to struggle for victory
In order to lead the nation to prosperity.

Xat Lao thung tae dai ma
Lao tooktuan na sertsoo soodjai,
Huamhang huamjid huamjai
Samakki gun bpen gumlung diao.
Detdiao pom gun gaona
Booxa soo giat kong Lao,
Songserm sai sit pen jao
Lao tooq sonepao summer pab gun.
Baw hai puak juggapud
Lae puak kaixat kaoma lob guan,
Lao tung muan soo ekalat
Itsalapab kong xat Lao wai,
Thud sinjai soo sing ao xay
Pa sad Lao pai soo kwarm watthana.


The laotian flag
The Laotian Flag

What the red stripes represent is the blood shed in the country's fight for independence. The blue stands for Laos' wealth and prosperity while the white expresses unity and justice. Another meaning of the Laotian flag is that the white circle stands for the full moon over the blue Mekong River, which runs through and alongside most parts of Laos.

Ancient laos
Ancient Laos

The first inhabitants of Laos were hunter-gatherers. Later on, they were farmers who grows rice and pulses. The early farmers used stone tools although those from 2,000 BC used bronze and when around the year 500 BC, they used iron.

Laos, unlike Vietnam, was influenced by Indian culture rather than Chinese culture. From the 1st century AD, Indian merchants introduced Theravada Buddhism into Laos.

Beginning from the 9th to the 13th century, the Khmers from Cambodia ruled much of what is now Laos.

Lao pho recipe 10 12 servings
Lao Pho Recipe (10-12 servings)

Ingredients for beef broth:

-half an onion that has peeled and charred

-1 head of garlic that’s charred

-2 stalks of celery and is halved

-2 pounds of beef bones

-2 beef bouillon cubes

-3 tablespoons saltwater that is filled 3/4 of pot

Directions for Lao beef broth:

  • Add the ingredients in large pot and bring to a boil.

  • Reduce to simmer for at least 30 minutes or up to 1 hour (which is recommended) and every now and then, remove and discard brown foam from top of broth.

  • Prepare ingredients for serving.

Lao pho recipe 10 12 servings part 2
Lao Pho Recipe (10-12 servings) {Part 2}

Ingredients/condiments for serving:

-3 packages of dry pho noodles

-Cilantro that are chopped

-Green onions that had been chopped

-Limes that had been cut into wedges

-3 pounds of beef that are thinly sliced for fast cooking

-Bean sprouts

-Thai basil leaves

-Seasoning sauce

-Hot chili sauce

-Oyster flavored sauce

-Beef flavored paste

-Fried garlic


-Black pepper

-Fried garlic

Lao pho recipe 10 12 servings part 3
Lao Pho Recipe (10-12 servings) {Part 3}

Directions for ingredients for serving:

-Soak 1 package of dry pho noodles in lukewarm water up to 30 minutes or according to package directions. Drain and set aside.

-Chop cilantro, green onions, and limes.

-Set aside on a serving platter or in reusable containers.

-Slice beef and set aside in a reusable container and refrigerate until use.

-Set out condiments on serving table.

Directions for serving Lao pho:

-Place single serving of noodles and sliced beef into a bowl.

-Ladle the simmering broth into bowl covering noodles and beef or put noodles and beef into a metal strainer and dip into broth for fast cooking and softer noodles. Be careful when handling hot broth.

-Add condiments and vegetables, according to taste.

-Refrigerate the broth, vegetables, beef, and noodles until ready to use.

-Broth is good to use as long as it’s ‘clear’ and not cloudy, which is usually 2 days.


  • When was the national anthem of Laos first written?

  • How long was the old national anthem used for?

  • When was the national anthem of Laos that’s being right used now, written?

  • Who wrote the national anthem of Laos that’s being used now?

  • When did LuangPrabang became designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

  • What are the countries that surround Laos?

  • Exactly how big is Laos?

  • Where is Vientiane located?

  • How far back does Vientiane’s recorded history reach?

  • What is the one of the meanings of the Laotian flag?