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  1. Laos By: Kennedy Boyle Emily Thai Economics 6th Period

  2. Laos Flag Map of Laos

  3. Hello, how are you ? Sabaideebaw

  4. Introduction • Population: 6,288,037 (2011) • Capital City: Vientiane • Language Spoken: Laotian • Currency Form: Lao Kip

  5. Political Overview Current Form of Government: Communist Political Unrest: The Laotian Civil War took place from 1953 to 1955. This war was fought mainly between the Communist Pathet Lao and the Royal Lao Government. They fought over the power that was recently given to the Royal Lao Government from the French. The government of Laos was also accused of committing genocide against the Hmong minority because of their collaboration with the Royalist side during the Laotian Civil War. Interesting Fact: During the Vietnam War, the US thought that Laos was a key in the battle communism and capitalism.

  6. Cultural Overview

  7. Tradition and custom Traditional Laos wedding The tying of white strings on wrists to unite to couple. Also a female relative of the bride must wash the groom’s feet before the enters the house and before the ceremony begins.

  8. Dance Drama This dance is based on the story of the PhraLakPha Ram and Ramayana. This dance is performed at special events and Buddhist festivals

  9. TaakBat (Alm-giving) This is an ancient Buddhist tradition, wherein people prepare sticky rice and other small snacks to give to the monks and novice monks, in order to gain merit for themselves and their families. Women must take care not to touch the monks while giving, as all monks and novices have taken a vow not to touch women

  10. Religion The main religion in Laos is Buddhism.

  11. Etiquette

  12. Etiquettecontinued…..

  13. Etiquette continued…..

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  15. Etiquette continued…..

  16. Food A very popular dish in Laos called “tam makhoong” made from shredded unripe papaya flavored with lime, peanuts, hot chili, and savory fish sauce.

  17. Laab It usually eaten as a part of a set (laab, papaya salad and sticky rice.) The set is accompanied by ground pork, string beans, sliver of cabbage, water spinach and Thai basil.

  18. Sticky Rice The rice is cooked by soaking for several hours and then steaming in a bamboo pot or huat. Sticky rice may be dipped directly into condiments of chili paste and fish paste.

  19. Major Holiday • Laos New Year • “BounPimai • Houses are cleaned, people put on new clothes and Buddha images are washed with lustral water. People wish for health and happiness over the next year. This is a 3-day holiday.

  20. Economic Overview Major Natural Resources: Timber Hydropower Gypsum Tin Gold Gemstones

  21. Geographic Location and Terrain It is located in southeastern Asia, northeast of Thailand and west of Vietnam. There are mostly rugged mountains but also have plains and plateaus. Plain of Jars

  22. Gross Domestic Product

  23. Major Industries Agriculture Construction Mining Textiles Ore processing Forestry

  24. Major Imports and Exports • Imports • Vehicles • Fuel • Machinery • Equipment • Exports • Wood products • Coffee • Electricity • Tin • Copper • Gold

  25. Top 5 Trading Partners Thailand China Vietnam European Union South Korea

  26. Tourism Overview Attractions: • LuangPrabang was the ancient capital city of the Lane Xang Kingdom during the13 to 15th centuries. This was a kingdom that, over six hundred years ago, spread throughout present day Laos, southern China and northeastern Thailand.

  27. LuangPrabang •

  28. Pha That Luang • Pha That Luang is a gold-covered large Buddhist stupa in Vientiane, Laos. This place was said to be established in the 3rd century. It is regarded as the most important national monument in Laos and a national symbol.

  29. Pak Ou Caves • These caves are located north of LuangPrabang on the Mekong river and they are famous for their miniature Buddha sculptures.

  30. Travel Warnings • Drugs are widely available in tourist areas but they are illegal and are punishable by death. • Violent crime is not much of a problem, but petty theft is so always keep an eye on your bags while traveling. • There are still land mines in parts of Laos so always stay on marked trails and walk with a guide. DRUGS

  31. Tourism Contribution to GDP • 59.13 $ per $1,000 of GDP

  32. Current News Lao GDP growth to reach 8.3 pct this year • The growth of mining, construction, manufacturing and services sectors are expected to increase the growth rate of Lao GDP from 8 percent in 2011 to 8.3 percent this year. • The World Bank had previously forecast GDP growth in Laos for 2012 at 7.5 percent, based on the serious impact of flooding in 2011. • Laos is outperforming the developing country average world-wide by 2 percent, and poverty continues to decline.

  33. Current News continued…. Laos' garment industry struggles with labor shortage • A report on Laos released by the World Bank has found that the garment industry is unable to maintain its trained workforce, mainly because poor conditions for its workers. • "The dormitory where I stay is three stories and it is divided into rooms ... some rooms have up to 20 people. Before being a dorm, it was a storage room: they just put fans in, then put us in it," a Lao factory worker told World Bank researchers. • The garment industry in Laos contributes 200 million U.S. dollars in exports annually, and most are sold to the European Union.

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  35. THE END ขอบคุณมาก khaawpkhoonmaak (Thank You Very Much)