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  1. Laos By: Katherine

  2. Where is Laos? Laos is in the southeast of Asia. It is a very small country between Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. I will show you where Laos is on the map below. Laos

  3. How many people live in Laos? In Laos over 6,695,166 people live Laos in 2013 including children( red for females and blue for males that live in Laos).

  4. What does the Laos flag represent As you can see on Laos’flag there arethree red and blue horizontal strips and a white circle in the middle. The red horizontal strips represent the blood of the people in fighting in Laos for individual people. The blue strip stands for the people’s wealth and success. The white circle stands for justice and harmony on the flag.

  5. Flag history Laos’ flag was made on December the 2nd 1975. The Laos flag is based on the Laos Patriotic Front, which is usually referred to as the PathetLaos, which is outside of Laos.

  6. What is Laos Patriotic Front Secretariat symbol Laos patriotic front is a communist party that has been ruled by Laos since 1975. A party council to the Politburo (the name of the party) of the Secretariat. Lao People's Revolutionary Party

  7. Lao’s Food Laos have a traditional food calledLarb which is chopped meat, chicken or duck favourite. Larb has chopped meat with raw vegetables and sticky rice. Another food from Laos is Laos cuisine but the most famous food that they eat is Larb.

  8. Pha That Luang Pha That Luang the Laos people were originally was made for a Hindu Temple in the 3rd century. Then was rebuilt in the 13th century. The temple is covered in gold Stupa. Stupa is a mound-like structure holding Buddhist relics.

  9. Thank You for listening to my POWERPOINT! ຂໍຂອບໃຈທ່ານ ສໍາລັບການຟັງ powerpointຂອງຂ້າພະເຈົ້າ khokhobchaithansoalabkanfangpowerpointkhongkhaphachao That means: