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LAOS. By: Lena Thao. Basic Information. FLAG. Insert PICTURE here! (Don’t forget the URL). LOCATION: ASIA. FAMOUS LANDMARKS. (). Name of Landmark: Plains of Jars Located in: In the mountains Special Facts : It’s a mystery why the jars are there. Name of Landmark: Luang Prabang

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By: Lena Thao

Basic information
Basic Information


Insert PICTURE here!

(Don’t forget the URL)


Famous landmarks


Name of Landmark: Plains of Jars

Located in: In the mountains

Special Facts : It’s a mystery why the jars are there.

Name of Landmark: LuangPrabang

Located in: Center of Laos

Special Facts Country’s ancient capital

Common foods

In Laos people mostly a lot of sticky rice and enjoy spicy foods. Gengpaa is a really spicy fish soup but in Laos. It isn’t really spicy because they’re used to spicy foods. Ping kai is grilled chicken in Laos. Mokkai is chicken cooked in a leaf. Lap is a meat or fish cooked with onions, lemongrass a lot spices.

Sports hobbies

Laos only has one sport because they don’t have time for fun. Taykator is the only sport in Laos and it’s similar to volleyball but you can’t use your hands. You can only use your arms, head, chest, shoulders, legs and your feet.

Famous people

There are some famous people from Laos. FaNgum was the first king of Laos and he introduced Buddhism. Prince SoupouVong

Became president of Laos when Pathet Lao took power in 1975. ShongLue Yang invented the Pa hauh Hmong writing system.

Other interesting facts

  • Hmong belongs to two language groups

  • France ruled Laos in 19th Century

  • Most of the Hmong lived on the mountain slopes

  • Money in Laos is called Kip

  • It is poor taste to criticizes someone in public

  • In Laos it’s offense by pointing their feet

  • Laotian homes are typically shared by 3 generations

  • When they get married the groom gives a gift to her parents

  • 80 percent of Laos are farmers

  • Some ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese also live in Laos

  • The (Do kchampa ) is the national flower of Laos