foundry services mosis as a model n.
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Foundry Services: MOSIS as a model

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Foundry Services: MOSIS as a model - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stanford. HP. MIT. Startup X. UCB. users. Information. vendors. Chips. Mask maker. Dicing and packaging. Orbit 2um. HP 0.5um. Foundry Services: MOSIS as a model. MOSIS: MOS implementation service, ISI, 1980. MOSIS. $$$$$. Foundry Services and Standard Processes.

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foundry services mosis as a model




Startup X








Dicing and






Foundry Services: MOSIS as a model
  • MOSIS: MOS implementation service, ISI, 1980.



foundry services and standard processes
Foundry Services and Standard Processes
  • MCNC/MUMPS (now by Cronos)
    • 3 level poly, no electronics
    • started in 1992, now 6 runs per year
    • single level metal, no electronics
  • Sandia
    • 5 level poly, no electronics
    • 1 level poly w/ quality CMOS
  • CMOS + post-processing
    • EDP, TMAH, XeF2 (Parameswaran)
    • Plasma (Fedder)
design rules
Design “Rules”
  • Guidelines for communication between fab people and design people
  • Generally not enforced
    • MUMPS, 2um CMOS: no
    • HP sub-micron CMOS: yes
  • Often desireable to violate
    • MUMPS: process exploration, new devices, some previous design rule violations are now encouraged
    • CMOS: Parameswaran, Fedder style MEMS depends on design rule violations
design rules1

Line width

... and spacing

Design Rules
  • Typically due to
    • lithographic resolution limits
    • lithographic alignment repeatability
    • etching capabilities
  • Most important: Line/space
    • due to lithography or etching
    • varies from layer to layer
    • varies near topography
    • no guarantee of dimensions: the lines will exist and be distinct.
mcnc mumps design rules
MCNC/MUMPS Design Rules

Rules for line/space on all mask layers.

mcnc mumps design rules2
MCNC/MUMPS Design Rules

Examples for POLY2 from

breaking the rules
Breaking the Rules
  • Sub-minimum lithography
    • risky, but often successful, especially in planar areas
  • Breaching nitride (substrate contacts and opens)
    • Stack anchor1 and poly1-poly2-via
    • don’t include poly1
    • include poly2 for electrical contact to substrate, or remove to expose bare substrate
  • Double-thick poly
    • continuous sheet of poly1 enclosed in poly1-poly2-via
    • poly2 structures on top
mcnc mumps access
  • Cost is $3,500 per submission
    • 1cm2 die area per submission
    • 15 identical dice returned (~$2/mm2)
  • Files are submitted by anonymous ftp
  • Dicing, bonding, HF release are all available for additional cost
  • Parameterized and static design cells are free online (CaMEL)
  • Design services are available for additional cost
mcnc mumps process specs
MCNC/MUMPS process specs

Polys are compressive, nitride

and metal (Cr/Au) are tensile.

mcnc ligamumps design rules

A, W, L must be greater than or equal to 20.0 microns.

Photoresist aspect ratio, L/W, must be less than or equal to 10.