Mosis reporting amber castleman the mcds portal jason young
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MOSIS reporting Amber Castleman the Mcds portal Jason Young - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MOSIS reporting Amber Castleman the Mcds portal Jason Young. Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. April 26, 2012. AGENDA. Overview 2012-13 Changes Current Reporting Reporting June Cycle MCDS Portal Questions. Data Reporting Overview. MOSIS Reporting

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Mosis reporting amber castleman the mcds portal jason young

MOSIS reportingAmber Castlemanthe Mcds portalJason Young

Missouri Departmentof Elementary and Secondary Education

April 26, 2012



2012-13 Changes

Current Reporting

Reporting June Cycle

MCDS Portal


Data reporting overview
Data Reporting Overview

MOSIS Reporting

Core Data Reporting

Six Cycles

Requesting Access

Basic Steps

Overview mosis
Overview - MOSIS


  • ID System

    • A MOSIS ID is required for any student served by a public school district.

    • A MOSIS ID is required when submitting all MOSIS Data Collection files collecting individual student data.

    • The sole purpose of the MOSIS ID is to maintain the state ID of the student. It is NOT used to associate a student with any entity and does not imply any type of ownership.

    • ID File Layout:

Overview mosis1
Overview - MOSIS


  • Data Collection System

    • Replaces aggregate data collections with record-level collections.

    • Data are collected in 6 cycles throughout the school year with additional collections for Pre-Coding for state assessments.

Overview core data
Overview – Core Data

  • Core Data

    • Web based data collection system

    • Collected in 6 cycles throughout the year

    • About half of the screens are still manual entry, while the other half are populated from Certified MOSIS Trials in the MOSIS Data Collection System.

Requesting access
Requesting Access

  • Request access through DESE Web Applications:

    Login Request Forms:

    • MOSIS – MO Student Information System Access Request Form

      • Two Levels of Access: Building and District

    • Core Data – DESE Web Systems User ID Request Form

      • Data Collection Access

2012 13 changes1
2012-13 Changes

  • Required in all Student Core files:

    • IEP

    • LEP/ELL

    • Lunch Status

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Title I

    • Title III LEP

2012 13 changes2
2012-13 Changes

  • Add ESY Hours to Student Enrollment Attendance file:

    • Required in August SEA

    • Not Allowed in June SEA

    • ESY – Number of extended school year hours of special education and related services provided to a child with a disability.  These hours are beyond the normal school year of the public agency, are in accordance with the child's IEP, are at no cost to the parents of the child, and meet the standards of the State Education Agency.

2012 13 changes3
2012-13 Changes

  • Add FirstFreshmanYear to Student Core file:

    • Replaces FirstYearFreshman

    • Conditional in June Student Core file, required for students in grades 09, 10, 11, 12 not previously enrolled in a Missouri public school system

    • Optional in all other Student Core files

    • Report four digit school year the student was a freshman

2012 13 changes4
2012-13 Changes

  • Core Data Screen Updates:

    • Screen 2 District Info – adding a row for School Board President and School Board Secretary email

    • Screen 18A Educator Evaluation – collapsing tenured and non-tenured categories into one

    • Screen 19 Professional Development– adding column to collect professional development hours

Current reporting
Current Reporting

April Student Core

Core Data Screens 30 & 31

EOC Exceptions

April student core
April Student Core

  • Student Core collects the demographic information for students who took state assessments.

  • In June we link this information to the assessment results, part of this process is the ‘June ID Cleanup’

  • The June ID Cleanup is a DESE created trial where districts verify each student with assessment results has a valid MOSIS ID and a matching April STC record.

Eoc exceptions
EOC Exceptions

  • EOC Exceptions collects the exception reason for 12th grade students who did not take the appropriate EOC assessment.

  • EOC History Report

    • Includes students who have participated in each of the four EOC assessments.

    • Available by accessing the Department’s MCDS Portal, log into the Secured Content, choose Guided Inquiry, and State Assessment.

Eoc exceptions1
EOC Exceptions

  • EOC Exception List Report

    • Includes 12th graders enrolled on the January count date that do not have an EOC assessment record.

    • Available through the February Student Core Reports section and can be downloaded, modified, and uploaded to the EOC Exception Collection in MOSIS.

    • Modifications include students that may need to be removed if they took the assessment this school year, added if they enrolled after the count date, added if they were an early graduate, and the exception reason needs to be included in the file (the 4 exception reason codes found in MOSIS code sets under Assessment Type Codes.

Core data screens 30 31
Core Data Screens 30 & 31

  • Screen 30, Census of Technology (District Level)

  • Screen 31, Census of Technology (Building Level)

  • Due May 15th or last day of school

Reporting june cycle
Reporting June Cycle

MOSIS Collections

Student Core

Student Enrollment/Attendance

Student Discipline Incidents

Summer Course Assignment/Student Assignment

June ID Cleanup

Core Data Screens

June stc sea

  • Student Core includes one record for each student who was enrolled for any period of time throughout the school year.

  • Enrollment & Attendance includes a record for each time a student entered and exited throughout the school year, changed grade, or residency status.

June student discipline incidents
June Student Discipline Incidents

  • Student Discipline Incidents includes a record for each student with discipline incidences resulting in in-school or out-of-school suspension, expulsion, or unilateral removal to an interim educational setting.

  • Report incidents where a student is removed from the classroom ½ a day or more.

June summer course student assignment
June Summer Course/Student Assignment

  • Summer Course Assignment and Summer Student Assignment includes every educator teaching Summer School.

  • Allow Caseload in lieu of Student Assignment file

June id cleanup
June ID Cleanup

  • DESE created trial available the middle of June.

  • Includes every student who took a State Assessment (MAP, MAP-A, EOC, LEP/ELL)

  • Purpose is to ensure every record has a valid MOSIS ID, and it can be linked back to an April Student Core record.

  • Districts can add ‘teacher name’ to the file which will be linked to the assessment results – one for communication arts, math, and science.

Student course completion
Student Course Completion

  • Collects student level data including courses completed and grades earned.

  • Includes the final grade and credit earned by each student for each class taken.

  • Grades 7-12 required to be reported.

Student course completion1
Student Course Completion

  • Linking the Course Completion file to October/June:

    • Each student reported in the October Student Assignment file will be expected to have a record in the Course Completion file.

    • Likewise, each student reported in the June Student Core/Enrollment Attendance file will be expected to have a record in the Course Completion file.

    • If a student is reported in the Course Completion file they will be expected to be in either the October STA or June STC/SEA.

Student course completion2
Student Course Completion

  • Not required to be reported for Resident II students.

  • Grade code of ‘NC’ should be reported if the student did not receive credit.

Educator evaluation
Educator Evaluation

  • Collects information about an educator’s overall outcome of their evaluation.

  • Manually entered onto Core Data Screen 18A.

Website references
Website References


    • Webinars

    • Core Data/MOSIS Manual


    • Code Sets

    • FAQ

    • File Layouts/Business Rules/Excel Templates

    • LEP/Immigrant/Title I Reporting

    • Spec Ed Reporting


  • Subscribe to the Listserv:


  • Update Core Data Screen 03 - Contact Personnel

    • Core Data

    • MOSIS

Q & A

Program Area Contacts(Pg. 271 of Manual):

Career Education – 573-751-3524

Special Education – 573-751-7848

Fed. Programs (Title I, III, etc.) – 573-526-4472

MOSIS – 573-751-8271

Core Data – 573-526-5287