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Sociology. Definition - The systematic study of human society and social interaction . Chapter 1 Section 1. Word “Sociology” coined by August Comte ( prominent sociologist ) Group behavior is the focus Sociology-group behavior Psychology- individual behavior. Timeline.

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Definition - The systematic study of human society and social interaction.

chapter 1 section 1
Chapter 1 Section 1
  • Word “Sociology” coined by August Comte (prominent sociologist)
  • Group behavior is the focus
    • Sociology-group behavior
    • Psychology- individual behavior
  • 1830 science of sociology identified by Comte, in Positive Philosophy
    • 1848 Karl Marx- Communist Manifesto
      • Classless society
    • 1892 first Sociology Dept at Univ. of Chicago
    • 1897 -1904 – published writings by WEB DuBois, Durkheim, Weber
something new
Something New

Group Behavior

  • Cannot be predicted by personal characteristics
    • Something new is formed when groups form
  • Illustration: Bronze (Emile Durkheim)
    • Formed of lead, copper, and tin-combined: new substance
    • Ex) mobs after championships- Other examples???

A society is a large social grouping that shares the same geographical territory and is subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.

social structure
Social Structure
  • The patterned interaction of people in social relationships
    • Example: schools vary, but students and teachers generally relate to each other in similarly patternedways
  • What are some other examples of patterned relationships?
social structure1
Social Structure
  • Social structure is an active and constantly changing social force
    • It varies across space and time
sociological imagination
Sociological Imagination
  • The ability to see the relationship between individual experiences and the larger society.

Private v. Public Issues

sociological imagination1
Sociological Imagination
  • Questions common interpretations of human social behavior
  • Ex-Why would a young man join a gang?
    • Possible personal factors-to prove toughness, looking for a family, lack of father figure, peer pressure
    • Sociologist would look at how society has taught men to be “masculine”
    • Looks at the category of young men
sociological imagination2
Sociological Imagination
  • Challenges conventional social wisdom
    • No assumptions and no stereotypes
  • Start looking at groups with the eyes of a sociologist!
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