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GBC Strategic Planning Network. ISKCON and Interfaith. ILS Mayapur 18 February 2014. Statement Theological Basis Benefits Challenges Types Principles and Guidelines. Statement.

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iskcon and interfaith

ISKCON and Interfaith

ILS Mayapur 18 February 2014



  • Theological Basis
  • Benefits
  • Challenges
  • Types
  • Principles and Guidelines
  • In ISKCON we consider love of a Supreme personal God to be the highest form of religious expression, and we recognize and respect this expression in other theistic traditions.

We respect the spiritual worth of paths of genuine self-realization and search for the Absolute Truth in which the concept of a personal Deity is not explicit.


Other communities and organizations advocating humanitarian, ethical, and moral standards are also valued as being beneficial to society.


ISKCON views dialogue between its members and people of other faiths as an opportunity to listen to others, to develop mutual understanding and trust, and to share our commitment and faith with others, while respecting their commitment to their own faith.


ISKCON recognizes that no one religion (or organization) holds a monopoly on the truth, the revelation of God, or a relationship with God.


ISKCON’s members are encouraged to be respectful to people of faith from other traditions and see the need for people of different faiths to work together for the benefit of society as a whole and the glorification of God.


ISKCON affirms the responsibility of eachindividual to develophis or herrelationshipwith the Supreme.

theological basis
Theological Basis
  • “Hindus,Muslims, Christians, and the members of other sects that have convincing faith in the authority of God must not sit idly now and silently watch the rapid growth of a Godless civilization.” (SrilaPrabhupada, Light of the Bhagavata, p.20)

“But it is not proper to constantly propagate the controversial superiority of the teachers of one’s own country over those of another country although one may, nay, one should, cherish such a belief in order to acquire steadiness in a faith of your own. But no good can be affected to the world by such quarrels.” (Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Sri Caitanya Siksamritam, p. 7)


“We should not criticize others’ methods of religion…. A devotee, instead of criticizing such systems, will encourage the followers to stick to their principles.” (SB. 4.22.24, purport)

  • Srila Prabhpada and other acaryas wanted us to work with other religious organizations that believe in God to counteract atheistic materialism.
  • Helps us become officially recognized as a bona fide religion by governments.

Helps to us to get recognition from larger faith communities and organizations.

  • Sharing common spiritual practices and theological understandings helps us go deeper into our own spiritual tradition
  • Helps us establish friendships with people of other faiths

Helps us to avoidbecomingsectarian and insular

  • Opens a lot of doors in society
  • Cooperation on particular projects ISKCON wishes to get involved in
  • Gets us out of the cult/sectcategory
  • Helps develop understanding, trust, and respect in both ways
  • If our faith or sadhana is weak we may become influenced by hearing so many philosophies or slack in following the principles.
  • If our faith or sadhana is weak we may present a bad example.
  • We may encounter persons or organizations that are not interested in interfaith and some that just want to push their own faith.
  • We may encounter (negative) criticism toward ISKCON.
different types of dialogues
  • Multifaith initiatives: international, national, local
  • Bilateral dialogues between spiritual traditions: Christian-Vaishnava dialogue, Muslim-Vaishnava dialogue, Jewish-Vaishnava dialogue, or dialogues among various Vaishnava traditions: Spiritual Theological
  • Bilateral dialogues between spiritual organizations: institutional/social/ethical issues
some international interfaith initiatives
Some International Interfaith Initiatives
  • Religions for
  • United Religions Initiative
  • Parliament of the World’s Religions
  • Interfaith Centre
  • World Congress of
  • Humility
  • Recognition of Krsna’s unlimited nature
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Consideration of time, place, and circumstance
  • Mutualunderstanding
  • Personal realization
  • Personalrelationships
  • Good behavior

To find all the issues of ISKCON Communications Journals and ISKCON StudiesJournals

  • And to find the Interfaith brochure go to:
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All Glories To SrilaPrabhupada