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A Media Studies Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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A Media Studies Analysis

A Media Studies Analysis

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A Media Studies Analysis

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  1. A Media Studies Analysis

  2. Portrayal Of Characters • Tomboy • More like her father,(Daddy’s girl) though her mother wants her to be a Lady and a • proper princess (More like her) • Loves Archery • Strong female Character • Independent Meredith • Strong king • Gets along with his kingdom (Sometimes gets caught up and more like a friend • then a King. Becomes involved with rebellious behavior.) • Bear hunter • More slack with daughter • Doesn’t believe in magic. Fergus (Father) • Very proper, strict and a tad controlling. • Wants her daughter to be like her • Well respecting in the kingdom Elinor (Mother)

  3. Analysis of Over Simplified Assumptions • Some one isn’t smart because of their looks. (Both blonde sons weren't portrayed as ‘smart’, one no one could even understand.) • Some one is a Stuck-up/Cocky person because they are a fit male. (Third son, brown hair, fir, ‘swoopy’ hair, made girls swoon.) • Female bear is smaller then male, more fragile, male looks strong, rough, scary.

  4. Stereotyping Analysis Positive Stereotyping Negative Stereotyping Scottish people always wear kilts. Witches are ugly and cold. Expected to marry young and to a Prince. (Not a man of her choosing or falling in love.) To be ‘Beautiful’ is to be pale/fair skinned, flawless. • Woman In authority. (When Elinor walked in the room, everyone listened.) • Independent Woman. (Meredith as a teen grew independent and stood up for herself.) • Strong king (Protected kingdom and hunted bear for his peoples safety.

  5. Themes Positive Negative (Beginning) “A princess is/must/must not…” Certain criteria to be a princess. Teenagers are rebellious. • Stand up for yourself and what YOU want. • Don’t try to change someone, accept them the way they are. • Princess don’t have to be proper, girly, like Disney has portrays them in the past, they can be a tomboy and stick up for themselves instead of going with the slow.

  6. THE END Thank You For Watching If you wish upon a star- A Disney Presentation Kateishia & Jake