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Media for Development Class Interaction PowerPoint Presentation
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Media for Development Class Interaction

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Media for Development Class Interaction

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  1. Media for DevelopmentClass Interaction

  2. Invasion on the bottom of the sea - 2C • Students work February 2004 • Frydenlund vgs Narvik Norway • Written by Malin Kristine Winblad Heiberg, Bjørn Benjaminsen, Stian-André Kristofferse and Thomas Strøm 2C • Teachers Randi Eilertsen, Ola Hansen , Tor Arne Solvoll and Victor Petrenko • Translated by Bjørn Benjaminsen and Malin Heiberg ENG VKI

  3. Does the king crab threaten the eco system as we know it today? The fishing industry is unsure on whether it’s a new resource or an ecological disaster.

  4. Sources: • • •

  5. Olympics in Tromsø 2014ID2A • Students work February 2004 • Frydenlund vgs Narvik Norway • Written by Ragnhild Bjarttun, Kine Marie Berg Laksaa and Geir Lindahl, ID2A • Teachers Hanne Dreyer, Ole Nicolaysen , Per Ivar Jaksland and Victor Petrenko • Translated by Ragnhild Bjarttun, Pia Hansen and Stian –Andre Kristoffersen

  6. The Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994 was the first sports arrangement where the organizers took priority to the environment and thought of the consequences. If Tromsø should get the great task it is to unwind the Olympic Games, they really have something to live up to! The Tromsø-organizers have also others they can learn from: among others Athens, who is the organizers of this years summer Olympic Games, and Turin who is going to be the host of the winter Olympic Games in 2006.

  7. Tromsdalstind.

  8. Sources: • ”Tromsø OL fra A til Å” (Nordlys Wednesday 7.January 2004, written by Are Medby) • ”Toppen av kolonialisme” (Nordlys Saturday 10.January 2004, written by Hans Ragnar Mathisen) • • Torino newsletter:” Sport and Environment” (3.desember 2003) • • “OL på hjemmebane” (12.januar 2004 …?) • ”Miljø: Den nye OL-grenen” (Aftenposten Saturday 23.oktober 1993, written by Ole Mathismoen )

  9. The whale, on the table or in the sea – 2b • Students work February 2004 • Frydenlund vgs Narvik Norway • Written by Stine, Andreas, Ingvill and Kristine 2B • Inputs by Tommy, Preben and Ole. 2B • Teachers Unni Fergem, Thor Johnsen and Victor Petrenko • Translated by Lisa Maria Johansen and Tommy Rønning ENG VKI

  10. Whaling has been a long disputed subject. While some drool for whale meat, others cannot stand the thought of the whale being used as food. Why are so many critical to Norwegian whaling? Who are the opposition?

  11. Sources: • • GEOGRAPHY/Norway • PART II: RECENT REGIONAL DEVELOPMENTS AND TRENDS: A. THE EUROPEAN SEAS • Telephone interview with “stortingsmann” (Member of Parliament) Steinar Bastesen • 12 February 2004.

  12. The groups • Some groups cooperated better than others. • The students wished to have the opportunity to choose their own groups.

  13. Theme for the project • Also here the students wished to have more influence; choose their own themes. • The sports-class was satisfied with the subjects they had to work with: The Olympic Games (the different groups had different years to focus on).

  14. Information • The information we received in advance was quite satisfying. • The sports class received the articles in advance, as the teachers had gathered all the information they needed. This to the student’s misfortune, as they think they would have learned more otherwise. • The other two classes received the subjects, and were first and foremost supposed to make their own article based on the information they themselves could gather.

  15. The local newspaper • One of the local newspapers, called “Narvik I Dag” had a reporter at our school to hold a small lecture for us. The students were all-round quite satisfied with the outcome of this. Perhaps an hour too long, but in the end quite satisfying.

  16. Time set aside to the project • Enough time, but in the end we experienced some pressure to delivery (mostly our own fault though)

  17. Working across subjects • Good, assessment from different teachers, help and guidance at different parts of the project

  18. Guidance and councelling • At the beginning it was hard to get started. However this changed after some time.

  19. Computer access • The local network at our school has had some faulty wiring, causing the internet to drop out at times, but we managed to keep the efforts up. • Perhaps we should have had more access to the computer rooms. • Our computer terminals here are among the finest in the country, and we are satisfied with how things worked out in the end.

  20. Criterias / assessment • The criterias for the project were a bit high for us, and we think it was too high, considering the fact that we have never had any such projects before. • We came into this project without ever having written any articles on such a grand scale, but are happy with the outcome.

  21. Students efforts • Some of us are more satisfied than others with their own efforts on this project, developing the skills needed to master the project came at a high rate, plus working under pressure. (bad time during the end parts)

  22. Students • Tommy Rønning 2B • Tomas Strøm 2C • Ragnhild Bjarttun ID2A