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  1. CONSEQUENCES By: Desiree Limon, Jannelle Jimenez

  2. Bullying • Bullying: is repeated acts over time that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power with the more powerful. • Bullying includes being made fun of • Being the subject of rumors • Being threatened with harm • Bullying also includes the use of technology, etc…

  3. Harassment, Nonsexual • A person commits harassment if, with intent to harass or with knowledge that the person is harassing another person does any of the following: • Anonymously or otherwise communicates or causes a communication with other people • Continues to follow another person in or about a public space • Etc…

  4. Threat or Intimidation • When a person indicates by word or conduct the intent to cause physical injury or serious damage to a person or their property • To cause physical injury to another person • To cause or in reckless disregard to causing serious public inconvenience • To induce or solicit another person to participate in a criminal street gang, criminal syndicate or a racketeering enterprise.

  5. Sexual Harassment • Students/Staff are prohibited from subjecting others to unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual or physical conduct or communications prohibited by the state and federal statutes.

  6. Theft -Students who deliberately take items that do not belong to them. Will be disciplined and possibly arrested.

  7. Tobacco • NO school shall permit the use of tobacco or any product containing tobacco, or nicotine products, by the pupils at school or on school grounds or while under the supervision and control of school district employees.

  8. Harmful Chemicals • Students may not possess mace, pepper spray, smoke bombs, firecrackers, or other incendiary devices.

  9. Violations of Suspension/ Trespassing • Violation of suspensions includes being physically present on school grounds. • NO suspended student may loiter at or near any school or public place where students normally attend or congregate. • All students must leave campus when they are dismissed.

  10. Suspensions • Involvement in any illegal activities or violation of school board policy on campus, such as… -drugs/alcohol/tobacco -weapons -violence -sexual misconduct -threats, intimidations, fighting & bullying -interrupting the educational process