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Archie Riley – N3043205 PowerPoint Presentation
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Archie Riley – N3043205

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Archie Riley – N3043205 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Archie Riley – N3043205
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Interactive Animation:- Design Document, Feedback and Response Archie Riley – N3043205

  2. Mood Board

  3. Story Board

  4. Feedback Received I asked: Do you like the game concept idea of ‘spot the object’ here being the squirrel? Feedback: “I think the idea of the squirrel is good, because if you were to continue the game further, it could hide in a lot of areas in the forest. You could also add in other animals, that are faster, and more difficult to spot etc. ” “The concept is a good idea for a children’s game, in future developments you could add several animals such as birds, hedgehogs etc. ” “I like the idea I think it could have education properties for children if utilised correctly e.g. finding the correct animal.”

  5. Feedback Received I asked: Do you think the animation is smooth? Feedback: “I don't think the animation is as smooth as it could be. Maybe you could add more frames to make it run smoother. ” “The animation seems quite jumpy as the elements (trees and squirrel) move to the side a few pixels at a time.” “It could be with relative ease but not at the moment.”

  6. Evaluation and Response Overall I received some feedback which was common to all 3 of the feedback responses. Here are my responses: