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Riley Technologies. Track Day Car. Permanent Road Courses all across the US: Atlanta Birmingham Charlotte Chicago Connecticut Dallas Fort Worth Houston Indianapolis Iowa Los Angeles Miami Mont-Tremblant New Jersey Ohio Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Portland Salt Lake City

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Riley Technologies

Track Day Car

Permanent Road Courses all across the US:







Fort Worth




Los Angeles



New Jersey






Salt Lake City

San Francisco

San Jose



Watkins Glen





Riley Technologies has designed and built a purpose built race car for the weekend racer. This car allows the weekend racer to have one of the fastest and safest track day cars on the market. The car is designed to be fast, safe, easy to drive, and to be maintenance friendly. This car will carry on the Riley Technologies winning Sportscar Lineage.

Track Day Car Riley Mk XXII


“A Bob Riley designed car” is as strong a statement as can be made in race car manufacturing. Many cars claim to be High Performance, few can match the performance and history that comes with owning a Riley Design.

Car & Driver magazine describes Bob Riley as, “America’s most prolific and most successful designer of race cars.”

Bob’s proven design history lives up to this praise on the track, with wins and championships.

Bob Riley Designed Car

The Legendary History

“I designed the Track Day Car to be a one of a kind racing experience. It is a race car that many levels of drivers will enjoy, and a project I am proud to be a part of. Every car I design incorporates winning elements from past cars. This car exceeds my goals for a great race car; Fast, Safe, and as important easy to maintain and drive. I Know this car will soon be part of our successful design history.”

Bob Riley, President Riley Technologies

The Riley Track Day Car provides the recreational racer with a fast, safe, and reliable car. The Riley MKXXII performs at the same level as today’s most advanced purebred sportscars.

The car comes equipped with numerous standard racing features normally found only on Pure Breed race cars

Time to channel your inner race driver!


177.3 inches / 4503 mm

78.6 inches / 1997 mm

43.7 inches / 1110 mm

112.0 inches / 2845 mm

36.2 inches / 921 mm

29.0 inches / 737 mm

GM Aluminum LS Crate Motor / 500 HP

Steel Chassis / Replaceable steel safety structures

Composite bodywork

Two racing seats / driver adjustable

Rack and Pinion with hydraulic power assist

Six Speed EMCO Sequential Dog Ring Transaxle

Front double wishbone / rear five link

Adjustable with coil-over springs

6 piston frt / 4 piston rear calipers, adjustable bias, 14” frt 13” rear rotors

Fikse Front 18” * 11.5” / Rear 18” * 13”, 5 lug

Slicks & Rains Available

24 Gallons / 90 Liters

Stainless Steel with Mufflers

Complete data system with digital display





Front Overhand

Rear Overhand












Fuel Capacity



Riley Designs have Won Races and Championships all Across the world.

Our Designs have won Championships:

Grand Am

Indy Car



Trans Am

Our Designs have won

Races across the world:

Daytona 24 hrs

Le Mans 24 hrs

Sebring 12 hrs

Indianapolis 500

Daytona 500

Grand Am

Indy Car





Trans Am

Riley Technologies has one of the most impressive resumes in sportscar racing. Riley built cars have been a dominate force in North American sportscar Racing for the over a decade.

The same design principles that made our purpose built race cars so successful are being transferred to a car available to the Recreational Racer.

Racing Heritage

Winners Overall Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona: the world.









The Mk XXII utilizes many of the components that have made our Sportscar winners all across the Globe. We started the design process by building upon proven components from our Ultra successful Daytona Prototype and Mk IIIc Le Mans Racer.

Our design philosophy puts racing heritage in your hands!

Racing Pedigree

Key Driver Comfort Features Addressed: the world.


Door Opening


Steering Wheel

Driver Seat


The car has been designed to easily and comfortably fit a “large Driver”, over 6.5’ tall and over 250 pounds.

Driver Comfort items: oversized footbox, large door opening, adjustable pedals, adjustable steering wheel, and adjustable seat. The Radiators are specifically positioned to keep cockpit temperature at a minimum.

Car has an option for a passenger seat installed.

Cockpit Ergonomics


Car is powered by a General Motors V8 “crate engine”, capable of producing over 500 hp.

There are two optional engine upgrades:

CRD Tuned 6.2 liter GM V8 producing 600 HP +.

Dinan Tuned 5.8 Liter BMW V10 producing 650 HP +.

Engine / Gearbox


Car utilizes a GA46 “sequential shift” race transmission from EMCO Gears, a leader in the design and manufacture of racing gearboxes.

Chassis is fabricated to the same standards as all Riley Technologies race cars. Chassis is steel tube, with crush structures providing additional crash protection.

Chassis / Bodywork


The bodywork is built using the latest composite construction. The composite construction allows for a very strong and lightweight body.

Cost, Appearance, and ease of repairs are some of the primary considerations when building a winning car body.

The MKXXII incorporates the latest in suspension geometry, a trait that has made Riley cars some of the best handling and easiest to drive cars on the track.

We bring this same suspension knowledge to the track day car.

Only race capable shocks and springs will be utilized.

Suspension / Shocks


Shocks utilized on the MKXXII are adjustable and easy to maintain.

One of the hallmarks of a successful race car is its ability to get power on the road and its stopping ability.

Riley Technologies was able to go to all their technical partners to choose those items that best fit our design parameters.

Brakes / Wheels / Tires


Car will be outfitted with Alcon Racing braking components and Fikse Racing wheels. Both will give the driver the confidence to put the power down on the road and the legendary stopping ability of Alcon.

The car comes complete with a suite of electronics and Data Acquisition suitable for almost all drivers. With the standard AIM Data electronics package you have the ability to download your track data, taking your driving to the next level!

Electronics / Data Acquisition


One of the upgrade options requested by our factory drivers was advanced Electronics and data acquisition, just like our factory race cars.

We turned to our state of the art electronics department and supply partner Motec to design an advanced ECU system that can incorporate features such as traction control, no lift shift, and paddle shifting.

The Stock Riley Track Day Car provides nearly all drivers with perfect combination of speed and safety.

For those driver’s that are looking to further enhance their driving experience, we are please to offer the following upgrade packages.

“Even with all the standard features in the car some of our factory race drivers have asked that we include additional upgrades for the true racer. We have a full suite of options available to the racer to tailor the car to their specific needs.”

Bill Riley, Vice-President Riley Technologies

Upgrade Options

  • Engine Horsepower upgrades to 600 HP+ or 650 HP+

  • Motec ECU with Traction Control

    • Paddle Shift, For Motec ECU

    • Fully Air Conditioned Driver Cockpit

  • FAST Driver Cooling System, Cool shirt & Helmet Cooling

  • FAST Driver & Passenger Cooling System, Cool shirts & Driver Helmet

    • Center Lock Hubs and Wheels

    • Driver Drink System

  • Spare Body Part Bags

  • Headlights

  • Integral Air jack System

  • DOT Street Wheel & Tires

  • Passenger seat

  • Parking Brake

  • Instruction by a Factory Riley Technologies Driver

Riley Technologies is pleased to offer this state of the art car for a starting price of $185,000. There is no other car on the market that for the price can compare with the speed, performance, agility, and ease of Maintenance.

Availability / Pricing

Chassis 001 & 002 are pre-sold. Riley Technologies is taking order for all other cars.

Bill Riley

170 Overhill Dr.

Mooresville, NC 28117

704.663.6319 ext 302

[email protected]