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social media marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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social media marketing

social media marketing

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social media marketing

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  1. Social Media Marketing: Social Media Websites is the right medium for all business marketing and its promotion. Social media can be effective branding platform, the term social media means everyone will strike with the major media like Face book, Twitter and Linked in. Social media is effective for the brand developments, Web Development Company is best in these services to build your business with right careers.

  2. Face book Marketing: • Face book is the social platform that connects people with friends and other network; it is one of the world largest social networks. Through the face book we can able to develop our business, through the fan page the business is promoted. Here are some steps to follow to create and develop your face book pages. • Face book account creation: • First we need to create the account for the face book • Face book fan page creation: • Create a fan page creation depends upon business, entertainment, etc..

  3. Setting friends as admin and invite other friends: More friends have to invite, we can set the friends as admin to invite the other friends. Promoting face book page through signature:

  4. Contact to include link to your fan page: • We can contact squidoo website writes to add your link in their fan pages • Adding like box on your website:

  5. Regular posting on face book page and tweet other post: Response to other tweets and updates your posting regularly to get more likes Specifically targeting the audience: We can target the audience specifically according to place or products Especially adding videos from YouTube with keywords: By posting more videos of your animation, you can get more traffic to pages Invite more from contact list by having different mails: Invite more contact from different mails and create a new friend network Create a friend network to like your pages: Create a new friend network to like your pages by valuable postings and content • Comment on other face book pages: • Good to comment on other face book pages, so they will also comment you if your page is valuable

  6. Face book ads: By the face book ads we can well promote the face book page, it cost some pay but the result will be good Google ad word tools for some dollars: Similar like face book ads the Google ad word tools also cost some pay to promote our keyword in the face book page tweets. Connecting face book with twitter: Connect your face book with twitter, so your postings or tweets will be published in both Implement face book comment on your blog: The face book comments can be implemented in your blog Advertising our fan page in other media social sites: Our fan page can be advertised to other social media sites like ping, etc.. Advertise on Fiverr an internet market place for some pay: There is lot of internet market place to promote the fan page; Fiverr is the one among these

  7. Exchange the face book like pages: • One of the best methods to get more like is the exchange method, create a friends network and exchange the like between each other . • Twitter Marketing: • Twitter is an online social networking service tool to promote our website, web developers india promotes this twitter service in a good manner and successfully got more followers .

  8. Following is the service whom need to follow by you for the tweets and comments • Followers is the service whom they follow you, it is tough task to attain this but with the help of the good promotion we can get more followers • Likely tools have been chosen to get more followers, some of the tools are follows • Tweet cloud: • Tweet cloud creates a tag cloud of a person’s tweets to give you a bird’s eye view of what they tweet about. • Friend or Follow: • Helps you figure out who your friends, follows, and fans are on Twitter, Little easier to use for those with a large number of followers.

  9. Twitoria: • Scans your twitter account and finds anyone who has been in active for a week, month or year. • Qwitter: • It is the nice app that will update via email whenever someone stop following you, it will intimate even which tweets caused them to stop following you

  10. Linked in Marketing: • Linked in is the very effective tool for the business. Linked in allows you to build a business contacts, it will promote your products and services all over the world, some of the popular among the linked in to promote the successful business is • Business Flourish-Linked is one of the ways to flourish your business product or service, great platform for brands to distribute similar content. • Lead Generation: Linked in is the best way to develop and generate the business leads and easily we can achieve our targets. It is used to utilize both company page and groups, the target can be achieved country wise or famous business people wise. • B2B (Business 2 Business): Linked in services helps to create business 2 business networks. They are prime for the lead picking.

  11. Find Experts and ideas: • Sometimes your business challenge cannot be resolved. At that instance linked in will help you to interact with the experts and groups, they allow you to explore the broad search by name, title, location and company • Stay Touch with Friends: • Sometimes your business challenge cannot be resolved. At that instance linked in will help you to interact with the experts and groups, they allow you to explore the broad search by name, title, location and company

  12. Explore opportunities: • Linked in connects you with job, leads and sales deals, With our powerful search engine, company research tools shows who you know at listed companies, LinkedIn is the place to turn for new opportunities.

  13. For any Social Media Service Feel Free To Contact Us Blaze Dream Technologies (P) Ltd Prince Towers, 9th Floor, 52/53, College Road Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600006, Tamil Nadu, India Landline Phone: + 91 - 44 -42047468 + 91 - 44 43508118