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Social Media marketing Agency | Social Media Marketing companies | Social Media Advertising

Guires is an organization offering multiple solutions to small and medium enterprises.We offer services in research, content development, analytics, branding and marketing.<br><br><br>We provide End to End Marketing for your Business<br><br>Our Services:<br><br>Market Research<br>Branding<br>SEO<br>SEM<br>PPC<br>SMO<br>SMM<br>Email Marketing<br><br>For more details <br>https://www.guires.com/<br>Call to 91-9840674433<br>Mail to info@guires.com

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Social Media marketing Agency | Social Media Marketing companies | Social Media Advertising

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  2. Guidelines and framework to your rescue! Guidelines and framework to your rescue! • Measuring ROI (and creating measuring tools) seems to be on top of the agenda of senior management. • But what is ROI without having any goals in the first place; hence, in this blog Guires’s social strategists discuss how to outline marketing goals for your social media. At Guires, we can help you with an array of marketing solutions to increase your ROI.

  3. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING • Social media (SM) marketing is the norm today and social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and are important tools in any organizations’ marketing arsenal; customers are quick on the draw to voice their views and experience regarding the service or product. • Ensure you craft your marketing strategy and tactics by first getting a snapshot of the existing scenario as to how the social platforms are adding value to your financial objectives. • Even if you are a late entrant when it comes to social media marketing, you must take a peek at how your competitors, customers are leveraging this important marketing channel.

  4. • So you must take a hard look and know what your clients are discussing on social media. The key factor boils to couple of vital questions: • How will social media foster my business? • What am I going to achieve via social platforms? So instead of diving right in and creating a Facebook page, you must 1) state your business objectives 2) know your current market 3) more importantly get a grasp of how customers use social media.

  5. Five important guidelines to follow Five important guidelines to follow b) Sales Lead Generation Goals b) Sales Lead Generation Goals • You must mention the how SM will impact purchases, sales and leads; cover all customer points of contact in the customer purchase cycle; refer the R-A-C-E methodology for this goal setting task. • Reach out Reach out: Magnify shares, likes, comments on digital ads and social media to reach prospects. • Act wisely Act wisely: Foster communication via social outposts, social content, and websites to capture leads. • Convert prospects Convert prospects: Ramp up lead conversion process by using social recommendations to translate customer brand engagement to customer brand purchase. • Engage them Engage them: Leverage sharing, likes, positive comments, and recommendations to motivate current customers to be ambassadors of your business.

  6. b) Communication Goals b) Communication Goals • Consider 5 domains within this group where you can set goals. You must do the following: • Manage and monitor your online reputation. • Invite dialogue to know about the service/product. • Update on the new offerings, services and products. • Communicate about brand and brand perception • Engage continually. c) Customer Service Goals c) Customer Service Goals You must outline as to how your campaign will meet service oriented objectives. • Solve customer problems with timely information. • Use self-service tools to quickly address queries and issues.

  7. d) Cost saving goals d) Cost saving goals • You must outline a budget to control incremental costs of social medial. Hence, consider all options and allocate a budget to save money. e) Key performance goals e) Key performance goals • The performance goals are akin to the communication goals and you need to outline how your social medial campaign will add value to customers in the long haul. social media.

  8. Take a look at the social platform’s key performance indicator Take a look at the social platform’s key performance indicator (KPI (KPI) )

  9. • Word of mouth (WOM), customer satisfaction (CSAT), and retweets( RTs) are mentioned in the figure. This ROI infographic will assist you to outline the important goals. • You can see that there are three levels of key performance indicators (KPIs) and you must include all the three levels in your planning. Create this type of model and then make the necessary investments based on your budget for your return on social media. So to put in place a framework, you must outline: • Value of outcomes online or offline; i.e., leads or sales influenced by social media. • Cost of social media marketing activity—relatively easy to define. • Outcomes received on social platforms that occur on your site or offline. • So, there you have it. Implement this framework in your measurement efforts and achieve your goals in social media platforms.


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