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Make it Fun! -Start no later than 15 minutes after start time -Present for only 45 minutes PowerPoint Presentation
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Make it Fun! -Start no later than 15 minutes after start time -Present for only 45 minutes

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Make it Fun! -Start no later than 15 minutes after start time -Present for only 45 minutes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Make it Fun! -Start no later than 15 minutes after start time -Present for only 45 minutes. Goals of Presentation -Sell Product, Schedule more events, Sponsor . Make Display simple and beautiful. What products are needed: -RE9 products, head bands, -Spa Oil, Mask and Wash

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Make it Fun! -Start no later than 15 minutes after start time -Present for only 45 minutes

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Presentation Transcript

Make it Fun!

-Start no later than 15 minutes after start time

-Present for only 45 minutes

Goals of Presentation

-Sell Product, Schedule more events, Sponsor

Make Display simple and beautiful

What products are needed:

-RE9 products, head bands,

-Spa Oil, Mask and Wash

-Awaken Sea Salt Scrub

-Unwind Bath Salts

Could also have:

-some FC5 products to try

-primer, foundation samples

-other products depending

on audience and season

Self tanner

Cellular renewal mask

What business aids:

-catalogues, $50 bill,mirror

-order and sign up forms

-price comparison

-PC discount specials

-calendar/open date cards

-business cards

-prospecting packets

-B&A testimonials

-pens, calculator

-towels, bins, wash cloths

2 little prize bags

1. Fill up Bins with HOT, sudsy water and place on towels

-use any Arbonne cleanser (recommend Detox Wash)

2. Greet Guests: be one of the crowd. Get to know them

3. RE9 Wash: when 2-3 guests arrive direct to bathroom

-Sit on the Potty and socialize/ LEARN NAMES

-Wash with RE9 Cleanser, Follow with Detox Oil andDetox Masque

4. Direct to kitchen for snacks and then to make themselves at home in the presentation area

5. Put moist wash cloths in crock pot/bowl for heating on lowest setting

Once everyone is seated with feet in bucket then,

Drop one scoop of Unwind Bath Salts into everyone’s bucket

-let guest know:softens water and skin, relaxes kids

“Welcome Everyone. Thank you for coming and thank you (hostess) for having me here tonight. For hosting (hostess) receives a $50 product of her choice!


Introduction/Icebreaker:“lets start off by having you all introduce yourself and if you would also share with me

-something about the hostess I may not know

-and what you would do with an extra $1000/month”

SHARE YOUR WHY in 2 min or less –be relatable/ heartfelt

-My name is _____________

-Tell about your family/job

-First exposure to Arbonne

-What you first thought? What changed your mind? What you are excited about in the future

-Your Why, then lead into party

Arbonne Lead In: “How many of you have heard of Arbonne or been to an Arbonne presentation? I am very excited to tell you all about this business and our amazing, RESULTS oriented products with this Spa Event. We also do Hollywood Makeover Events and Healthy Happy Hours which I'll be booking tonight with you and three of your lucky you can experience our all that Arbonne has to offer.”

Hot, Moist Wash Cloths:

-if in crock pot hand out now

-if microwaving (1 min) play “how many people do you know” and give small prize to person with most names

-hand out wash cloths with tongs

-have guests lean back, close eyes and relax

“You are going to have a chance to win _____! (free shipping, small gift, etc) Just remember a few things about what I tell you about Arbonne .”

Arbonne was founded in Switzerland

-31 year old company .Over 450 chemicals that are banned in Europe are in most US products. Arbonne Difference = Pure, Safe, Beneficial and GETs RESULTS.

-Other products may offer benefit, but aren’t safe or pure

-Or product may be all natural, but provide no benefits

-Our Skin is our largest organ and whatever you put on it absorbs into your body in 26 seconds or less


Our Formulations Are:

-Botanically Based

-PH Correct (an imbalance can cause oily/dryness, breakouts etc)


-No Chemical Fragrances or dyes (top 2 irritants)

-No Mineral Oil (same molecular structure as petroleum and saran wrap. 2nd only to sun in aging the skin)

-No Animal Testing, No Animal products or byproducts-certified vegan, free of gluten

  • There are ONLY 4 business building levels in Arbonne:
  • I will share with you the Avg Monthly incomes of each:
  • 1st level-District Mgr- $700/mo
  • 2nd level-Area Mgr- $2000/mo
  • 3rd level-Regional VP (Mercedes Benz level)- $7000/mo …. receive $800/mo for White Mercedes Benz
  • 4th and TOP level -Natl. VP- $22,000 /mo …receive $1.000/mo for Mercedes Benz AND earning potential is UNLIMITED at this level

Animal Ingredients That CouldBe In Your Cosmetics: Found on PETA Website

-animal fats and oils -mink oil -crushed female cochineal insect –placenta of slaughtered animals -hormones from horse urine -whale or dolphin sperm oil -fish oil and fish scales -tallow: beef and sheep fat -shark and whale liver oil -protein from boiling… -crushed snails -sea turtle oil from muscles & genitals

--skin, ligaments, tendons, bones

Take off mask with wash cloth:

Give prize to person with cleanest face. (giggle meter)

Person who answers most correct wins prize:

Where was Arbonne founded? Switzerland

How long does it take for a chemical to absorb in your body? 26 secs.

What is the average monthly income for a Regional VP? $7,000/mo

What is Arbonne’s company car? Color and make? White Mercedes


Use Awaken Sea Salt Scrub on one leg

-essential oil blend includes coriander and lemon, avocado and sweet almond oil

-exfoliates dry and dead surface cells. Great before shaving

what was the main essential oil you smelled? Lemon

Take feet out of water and dry off

Use RE9 Advanced Body Firming Lotion on one foot and one arm

-great for cracked, dry heals and toes

-diminishes scars, stretch marks, sagging skin

-Show B&A: who wouldn’t want some of this amazing lotion!

and if you are not satisfied there is a 45 day money back guarantee!

“Okay ladies, the products you are using tonight for our facial are from our RE9 Advanced Anti-Aging TREATMENT system. The RE really stands for RESULTS that you can see and feel immediately! And this skin care adjusts to all skin types.”

Clinical Studies: with visible results…

83% reported increase firmness within 24hrs,

92% reported reduction of fine lines in 1 week,

96% reported refinement of skin texture and smoothness within 1 week.

We already used our Smoothing Facial Cleanser

-thoroughly cleanses without drying or stripping

Use Regenerating Toner on left side of face

-DON’T SKIP THIS STEP! It closes the pores, contains Vit A,C, E

-regenerates skin tone and firmness to deliver younger looking skin.

Use Instant Lift Gel “Model in a Bottle” on left side of face

6hr face lift – skin feels tighter and firmer

-upward and outward motion

- Let dry for 2 mins

Use Intensive Renewal Serum on left side of face

-like a vitamin cocktail for your face

-Feeds the skin nutrients, repairs cells, reduces redness, & moisturizes thus reduces wrinkles

-Also prevents & lightens age spots, heals dry patches & eczema, and diminishes scarring

Use Corrective Eye Creme on left eye

-immediate firming and moisturizing benefits, reduces puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines

-1/2 pump on ring finger enough for BOTH eyes. Eye skin has No Fat so needs specific creme

-Show B&A: lets look at the clinical study as well as Dawn’s Before and After pictures


Use Restorative Day Creme on left side of face

-SPF 20, moisturizes, visibly firms, and protects outer layer of skin

-90% of the visible signs of aging come from the sun –we must protect

-ingredients support collagen production

Use Night Repair Creme put a little on clients wrist

-no using the “two finger dip” in this night cream, we really only need a little bit

-Repairs your skin while you sleep with a blend of botanicals and concentrated Vit C

“So how many of you do NOT wash your face every night? It is So Important!!! Your pores open up at night so your skin can correct itself and heal while you sleep. Our night crème promotes skin cell turnover which repairs and heals your skin making it feel like velvet the next day.

If you go to bed with dirt, grease, grime and makeup on your face, you prevent this renewal process. This causes increased skin aging, a dull complexion with blackheads, and enlarged pores due to the trapped dirt and your skins inability to turn cells over.”

-Cell turnover naturally decreases as you age so we need to help it along

Use Age Defying neck Crème

-specialized just for the neck, it firms, tightens and moisturizes an often neglected area

-smoothes appearance of lines and wrinkles (aging is seen mostly in neck, hands and eyes)

-Show B&A: lets look at Danna’s before and after

“Just to let you know if you are experiencing warmth and tingling, and some redness with your first few uses of these products, that is so normal. You are introducing life to our skin, not dead animal fat and mineral oil so there is some action going on. These products penetrate to the cellular level and go deep down to clean and heal and balance. Most other products never get past the hair follicle and therefore do not produce results.”

Highlight your Favorites

-RE9 Mask: like microdermabration leaves you with fresh new skin at a ¼ of the cost

-FC5 Hand Cream: Fresh Cell Technology, amazingly hydrating, safe for latex gloves

-Detox Line: Hair mask and 24H lotion, botanicals from the sea

-Primer and “Natural Botox” Foundation: Optilight technology=light is diffused making a softer focus and blurring imperfections from every angle. This is your lucky day because today I'm going to color match each of you with your very own natural foundation. nobody's going to want to miss this.Makeover event)

Essentials: Tons of vitamins and minerals in day packs, Fizz tabs Healthy Happy Hours

“We have now experience some of Arbonne’s amazing products. As far as a business potential… I bet some of you were surprised as I was when you heard about the income potential. This may not be for you, but please think of those you know looking for addtl income. I am expanding my organization and looking for people to teach and train to do what I do. I will share the income levels again so you have a little more knowledge and can think about this for yourself or someone else.”


Per Party/Consultant*





Average = $22,500/month

Regional Vice president is also known as our Mercedes Benz Level: $800/mo bonus

In addition to all of that:

Free Vacations, jewelry, recognition etc.

4 Ways to Win

Client: Get amazing products and great customer service

Become a Preferred Client: pay $29 to get a 20% off membership with no minimum orders as well as access to larger discounts and online specials. (show discount sheet)

Become a Consultant: purchase at wholesale prices and I can show you how to make at least an extra $500-$1000 a month. Or if you are looking to replace a full time salary and work part time I can show you how 2 presentations/ week for 12 months can get you to an average of 7k a month!

Ladies if you are like me and want it all you could do what (Hostesses name) did tonight. Invite some friends over, let me pamper them and receive the best rewards in the industry… 80% off your products plus a Free $50 item of your choice!

It is now time for your shopping time. When you're ready to place your order please remember it's your lucky day and I'll be color matching you at the kitchen table with your natural foundation. So come join me one at a time when you're ready to order. -pass out catalogues ,coupons and order forms and go to kitchen table/separate area from party

“ I will be at my checkout station for the next 20 mins to help each of you ONE AT A TIME.”


“As you're applying that foundation it's going to melt in your skin so it may not look like your exact color initially but just keep working it in and let it self adjust to your pigments. Our formula is that intelligent and it makes a flawless finish.

  • TriFecta Close
  • Order Stack: Sign Up Forms, calculator, RSVP already calculated
  • Booking Stack: Open Date Calendar/ Date cards/Guest labels
    • Verbiage :” you heard us talk about spa night like this one and makeovers and tasting events with the weight loss, which one of those did you want for you and three of your These are my available days.”(Hand date cards) If she says to me back, I better check my calendar. I say, no, let's go ahead and pencil it in. If we need to change it later we will but let's secure your date. Lets set up a day within the next week when I can pick up your guest list labels so you can receive your FREE gift when I register your event with Arbonne with 7-10 days.” Hand guest list labels and set date and time to pick up list
    • Prospecting Stack: Arbonne Now opp brochure wrapped in a big, pretty bow.
      • Hand packet as you say: “(name) I have a gift for you….Would you be willing to hear a little more about Arbonne’s income?” -SURE- “Great, well look this information over and let’s go to Starbucks tomorrow (tues) or (wed) to go over your questions.” PAUSE…”Which day works better for you?”

Share with hostesshow the party went (sales, bookings, prospects). Be really excited and tell her “If you’ve ever thought about creating income with Arbonne this is the time to do it! If you are interested I can put all of this under you. If not than I will put it under me.”

  • Party Reminders:
  • Sit on the Potty/Be their new girlfriend
  • Use the most powerful word to ones ear/ THEIR NAMES
  • Have a powerful I story that connects you with guests
  • Have a Giggle Meter: people giggle when having fun
  • Bring up having a party multiple times throughout presentation
  • No Flipping of the Pages: hand out catalogues at end
  • Humor and Sales: point out differences from one side to another
  • Watch your wording: Anti-aging “treatment” system
  • Show Before and After pictures
  • Who wants Cheap? “this is too expensive” “Well you can’t compare us to Wal-Mart our products get RESULTS. They also last a lot longer. Why spend any money on products that don’t give results. With our discounts, longevity, and results our product value is the best on the market.”
  • Ask for Referrals: from hostess at end. Ask “is there anyone that could not make it tonight that you think would enjoy a little gift from me?” Set coffee date to give gift and while there ask if they want to hear more about Arbonne’s income.