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CBA Automotive Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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CBA Automotive Technology

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CBA Automotive Technology
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CBA Automotive Technology

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  1. CBA Automotive Technology Your starting line to a future in automotive technology…. Are you ready to Drive to Success?

  2. A Highway to Your Future • Careers in Automotive Technology are constantly rising. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, automotive-related occupations are expected to grow by at least 10% between 2004 and 2014.

  3. Did you know? Over 200 million vehicles are on U.S. highways today. North Carolina’s automotive and truck repair service is the 5th fastest growing industry in the state. We need YOU!

  4. Getting on the Express Way • While still in high school, you can take advantage of what your school offers. • Talk to a counselor or one of our automotive instructors about our NATEF Certified automotive training program.

  5. NATEF is a partnership designed to help high-school students gain hands on experience, explore, and prepare for entry level positions in the automotive technology fields. Its an innovative approach to learning while in high-school. NATEF partners with participating automotive manufacturers, dealers, and selected high schools/tech prep schools across the country. Talk to your school counselor today to find out if your school is an AYES site. What is NATEF?

  6. The Road Leads to… A modern dealership is a total transportation center: Its more then just selling and fixing cars. It is comprised of: • Sales Department • Service Department • Parts Department • Administration/Clerical • Customer Relations • Management • Finance and Insurance Department

  7. Automotive Careers Top 5 Automotive Industry Careers • Retail Sales Representative • Sales Manager • Technician • Service Manager • Bus, Truck, and Diesel Technician

  8. And the Rewards • The average dealership has an annual payroll of $2.3 million with 52 employees. • Master service technicians can earn anywhere from $40,000 to $90,000 per year, depending on the market. • Technical skills required for transportation service are transferable to many other jobs.

  9. A high school diploma Proven math skills Good reading and comprehension skills Ability to get along and work well with others Good written and verbal communication skills Ability to follow directions Good interpersonal skills Desire to succeed Interest in Autos or Trucks Valid driver’s license and clean driving record Basic Employability Requirements6

  10. Technical education allows you to obtain specific skills. With a degree, diploma, or certificate you can earn higher wages! Technical Education

  11. Technical Education • You can also gain valuable hands-on experience and obtain a bachelor or masters degree if you want to further your education

  12. Did you know? The largest, fastest growing segment of the emerging technical workforce involves careers that do not require a 4-year degree. At the end of 2007, technical workers comprised 1/5 of all employment.7

  13. Getting on Track • Making good career decisions is all about you. In order to start a career path you must gather information, make your career plans, and follow through.

  14. Fast Lane • It is most productive to start your planning during your first few years of high school (freshman & sophomore year) as interests are always changing and new opportunities arise.

  15. Contact Info For more information on kick starting a career in Automotive Technology, contact: • Mr. Keel @ or call (919)242-3400 ext. 1405 or • Your School Guidance Counselor