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Welcome to Automotive Technology

Welcome to Automotive Technology. Mr. Bouwens. Consider a Career as an Automotive Technician? Professional technicians can earn $60,000 or more per year! Technicians are in demand all across the nation!

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Welcome to Automotive Technology

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  1. Welcome to Automotive Technology Mr. Bouwens

  2. Consider a Career as an Automotive Technician? • Professional technicians can earn $60,000 or more per year! • Technicians are in demand all across the nation! • Unlimited opportunities working with advanced computerized control systems with the latest diagnostic equipment! • You enjoyed seeing how things work, tinkering, doing things with your hands and solving problems. • You like working with your hands. • Turn your interests into a profession and make a living doing what you love. • Advantages • You can earn college credit (PCSD) has an articulation agreement with Chattahoochee Tech and other technical schools.) • Learn about your car • Help family and friends • Save money on your repairs • Learn and use cutting edge technology

  3. So, Where Can I Work?Here is just some local places

  4. TOP 10 TIPS FOR AUTO STUDENTS FROM MASTER TECHNICIANS • 1.Education, Education, Education – Continue your education and develop strong math, reading, study skills, and computer skills. A strong background in electronics is essential. • 2.Take advantage of on-the-job training,co-op, or apprenticeship opportunities – Get all the training you can and start in a work environment that caters to service an excellence. • 3.Keep abreast of new technology – Make a commitment to life-long learning. There is constant change in technology so take advantage of additional training whenever it is available. • 4.Learn a systems approach –Vehicles today are complex so it is necessary to understand the interaction of electrical an mechanical components within the total system. Learn how to understand the whole system and you can apply this knowledge across the spectrum of vehicles

  5. 5.Develop good communication skills – Learn not only the professional and technical skills but also communication and people skills. Your credibility is linked to your perceived competence. • 6.Keep a positive attitude – Develop a positive outlook so that you perform proper repairs. Apply yourself – you get exactly as much out of your job as you put into it. • 7.Take pride in your work – Work on every car as if it were your own. • 8.Be honest and ethical – Stay focused on what is most important, practice good work ethics, be dependable and honest, and fix it right the first time. • 9.Cultivate professionalism in yourself and others – Act professionally, take pride in your appearance as well as in the shop area. Be a positive role model for others. Show up on time. • 10.Become ASE-certified – Certification gives you an edge when you are seeking employment.

  6. Vehicle Manufactures ** Each Year these manufactures makeover 500+ models combined

  7. 72’ Locker Room 10 X 10 Air Comp. Room 7 X 15 Storage 10 X 15 Tool Room 10 X 15 Classroom 21X 27 Planning Area 10 X 10 46’ Alignment Computer Sink Shop Drain 16” x 52’ Work Bay 11 X 21 Lift Bay 11 X 21 Lift Bay 11 X 21 Alignment Bay 11 X 21 Air = Fire Equipment = Equipment = Shutdown Button South Paulding Automotive Technology Water = Ventilation =

  8. Shop Rules • No student shall leave shop area except with permission from instructor • You will use the pass to use the restroom. Shouldn’t be more that 3 minutes and once a day. Only one person out at a time. • Always know what’s going on around you • Absolutely No Horseplay This includes shoving, slapping, pushing, taunting, kicking, disrupting classmates, disrupting instruction, • No violations of car policy • No parking in front of the automotive shop • Be on time….all tardiness must be excused by a pass • Absents must be excused according to school policy • Clean up spills immediately

  9. Cont. • Safety glasses will be worn at all times • No throwing, kicking, or intentionally disfiguring/destroying anything in or around the shop • No profanity • No tobacco products, no exceptions • Report any unsafe condition to the instructor • Use the proper tool for the job • Return your tools and help others to do so if time is getting short • Perform all duties you are told to do by instructor • Act like a professional, this means to students, customers, teachers and myself. • Follow all posted signs, warnings, cautions and verbal instructions by the instructor • Keep the classroom clean, No eating or drinking anywhere!!!

  10. Cont. • Books stay in the classroom, unless specifically told otherwise • Books are expensive, students intentionally disfiguring a book will pay for the damages • No stealing, this violates school policies • Be respectful to the instructor, any visitors, and each other, “Yes Sir or Ma’am” should be your response • Point out the “Visitors Safety Glasses” to visitors • Do not use of the “Visitors Safety Glasses” for your purposes • All school rules apply • Any violation will be subject to a Automotive tribunal and perhaps a suspension from the course • It is not fair for me or others to listen to “I will not pick that up, I didn’t do it.” This phrase or anything similar will not be tolerated in automotive shop. We are all responsible for the environment.

  11. Once Again Welcome • Items You Will Need • Pen or Pencil Everyday • Three Ring Binder 1” or 2” inch is fine • Positive Attitude • Respect for me and your fellow students • Closed-toed shoes • Good attendance • The drive to learn • All forms reviewed, signed, and returned by the deadlines • Glad to have you

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