nhd gnis update oregon n.
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NHD/GNIS Update Oregon PowerPoint Presentation
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NHD/GNIS Update Oregon

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NHD/GNIS Update Oregon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NHD/GNIS Update Oregon. Sheri Schneider, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Oregon Bob Harmon, Oregon Water Resources Department.

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NHD/GNIS Update Oregon

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nhd gnis update oregon

NHD/GNIS Update Oregon

Sheri Schneider, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Oregon

Bob Harmon, Oregon Water Resources Department


“I have noticed on more than one web mapping application that a significant local stream has a name which is not consistent with what it is known as locally.  The source of this error is the NHD dataset.  I am wondering how I can get more information on this and possibly how to get it corrected. This waterway should be named Johnson Creek, not Davis Creek. ”


Workflow process,

Type of edits needed

Standard procedures

Stewardship Involvement

“Thank you for bringing this error to our attention. The NHD feature name is incorrect and should be attributed for Johnson Creek in Clackamas County. The Davis Creek entry appears to be correct in the GNIS, but was applied to the wrong feature in NHD. The correction to the NHD dataset has been noted and will be applied by an NHD editor. ”


26,036 NHD related feature in OR GNIS

19,431 features in OR GNIS, Named in OR NHD

6,605 in OR GNIS, Not Named in OR NHD


Old Tools

  • Install Tools
  • Obtain Training
  • Begin Editing

“The new tools and help documents/videos are great. These would have saved maybe 40% of the time on our project.”


Research and analysis significantly longer than expected

  • Water Rights Maps and Database
  • USACE Maps
  • Multiple Years Topo Maps
  • Multiple Years Imagery
  • GNIS Online Search
  • Contact Stewards/Experts,

Sometimes delay in response


Add GNIS Name to Existing NHD Geometry

Two NHD Water bodies without a Name

Which One is Feller Pond?


Add GNIS Name to Existing NHD Geometry

Name in NHD

Name Missing

in NHD


Correct GNIS Name on an Existing NHD Feature

NHD - Cob Creek Reservoir

Topo – McEwen Reservoir

GNIS – McEwen Reservoir


Cob Creek Reservoir

McEwen Reservoir Name is missing in NHD


GNIS Correction Only

Name in NHD

Feature ID 371391

Feature ID 1117327


Project Guide

Final Report


OWRD Goals

  • Develop a process to edit NHD
  • Train OWRD NHD editor on staff
  • Bring all sub-basins up-to-date for NHD/GNIS
  • Act as advisor/facilitator to other state agencies