characters that appeal to teens n.
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Characters that appeal to teens… PowerPoint Presentation
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Characters that appeal to teens…

Characters that appeal to teens…

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Characters that appeal to teens…

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  1. Characters that appeal to teens… Protagonists, antagonists and antiheroes

  2. Characters – why are they so important? Without great characters it is impossible for an author to create a riveting story that will leave an impression upon the audience. Through the characters authors can: Invite understanding, affection, distrust or even repulsion from their readers in response to the characters in the story. Character TYPES used to channel these responses include • Protagonists • Antagonists • antiheroes

  3. The Protagonist • Is the main or central character in a fiction text • Most of the plotline focusses on the thoughts, actions and reactions of this character. As the reader is exposed to the inner world of the protagonist, they usually SYMPATHISE with them. • Is often faced with an important decision to make – a personal dilemma or an outside conflict • Usually solves the problem by going through a learning process to resolve the issue


  5. The Antagonist • Is the character who opposes the protagonist • It is usually the enemy or the rival • In teen fiction, the protagonist usually has to win a conflict to learn a valuable lesson and grow up by the end of the story


  7. The Antihero • Not all teen texts involve simple representations of good verses evil or use typical stereotyped teens. • Some stories have complex and realistic representations of teens that usually exhibit positive and negative personality traits. • These representations of teens are called the antihero.


  9. Now You Try After watching the final Harry Potter trailer identify the following: • Protagonist • Antagonist • Anti-Hero (not Neville) HINT – THERE CAN BE MORE THAN ONE IN ANY STORY

  10. Activity • Think of your own examples of a teen protagonist, antagonist and anti-hero from a well known film, TV show or novel.

  11. Questions-complete these in OneNote or in your notebook • In your own words, explain the difference between a protagonist and an antagonist. • Write down three fictional characters that are protagonists and three characters that are antagonists. Name the character, the type of character and the text. • Think of a story you were told as a child. a. Write down the name of the protagonist b. What was the message or moral of the story c. Outline what the character did, thought or said that demonstrated certain behaviour or personality traits which match the type of character they are. d. Repeat steps a-c for the antagonist in the story.

  12. Create Create your own Antihero using the worksheet provided