Texas coordination institute august 2009
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Saving a dollar by working together - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Texas Coordination Institute August, 2009. Saving a dollar by working together. Schedule / Dispatch Maintenance Driver Training Vehicle Sharing. Common coordination themes. Buses and Related Equipment Buses, Garage, Computers, etc. 5309 Federal Funding State/Local Match.

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Texas coordination institute august 2009

Texas Coordination Institute

August, 2009

Saving a dollar by working together

Common coordination themes

Schedule / Dispatch


Driver Training

Vehicle Sharing

Common coordination themes

Joint procurment

Joint Procurment

Maintenance related

  • Fuel Sharing

    • Allow community based provider(s) to access fuel at Transit Authority garage. Bill monthly.

    • Joint Purchase by one for many.

      • Transit system purchase for School District, City/County Public Works, etc.

    • Fuel Card

Maintenance Related

Maintenance related1

  • Maintenance Monitoring Program (Internet Based)

    • Transit System and Community Based Providers

      • Daily Checks

      • Preventative Maintenance “A” Inspections (4,000 miles)

      • Preventative Maintenance “B” Inspections (8,000 miles)

      • Trip Trouble Report (As needed)

      • Weekly Maintenance Report (Weekly)

      • Winter Check List (Annual)

      • Accident Internal Investigation Report (As needed)

Maintenance Related

Maintenance related2

  • Bus Washing

    • Transit System has automatic washing system

    • Charges community based provider set amount per clean and bills monthly.

Maintenance Related

Maintenance related3

Maintenance Related


State Pool that includes private non-profits

Intersession by elected officials


Drug testing

Community Based Providers were allowed to be a part of the transit system’s drug testing contract . A separate pool was created for the community transit systems.

Training made available.

Drug Testing


Transit Accident & Crime Report developed and accessible via the Internet.

Police Report also included.

Training on "report writing” is also available.


Fare policy and ridership guidelines

Fare Policy and Ridership Guidelines

Reporting federal and state

Standardized and made available on the Internet. standardized.

Reporting (Federal and State)

Suggested operating standards

On-Time Performance standardized.

Ride Time (urban and rural)

Wait Time

Missed Trips

Cancelled Trips

Bus Appearance

Customer Complaints/ Process

“Suggested” Operating Standards

Joint public information marketing

Bus Delivery standardized.

Anniversary dates of system

Rider program (10,000 customer, etc.)

Rider video on local access cable

County/City/Township special events especially with seniors and people w/ disabilities

Friend of Transit

Joint Public Information & Marketing

Remote paratransit scheduling

Allows for the Community Based provider to book on the Transit system buses and vice versa.

Internet based

Eventually “airlines scheduling”

Remote Paratransit Scheduling

Service planning

Who needs transportation in your community? Transit system buses and vice versa.

What types of services may communities set up?

What funding is available?

Who can provide the service?

How can providers/communities work closer together and provide the most service?

What is the priorities?

Service Planning

Forecasting senior tsunami

Large increase in Senior Population Transit system buses and vice versa.

Door through Door service


Volunteer Driver Program

Mobility Management



Forecasting - Senior Tsunami

Saving a dollar by working together

Community Transportation Association of America Transit system buses and vice versa.

American Public Transportation Association

National Council on Senior Transportation

Easter Seals Project Action

Federal Transit Administration- United We Ride


Contact information

Dan Dirks, Urban Specialist, CTAA – 202.280.4904 or dirks@ctaa.org

Contact Information