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Working together

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Working together. Iola Davies Emergence CIC-South West KUF (National personality disorder training) manager S elf employed trainer and worker in mental health service development. Theoretical approaches. Health Foundation Document 2010 ( Realp and Wallace)‘What is co- production?’

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Working together

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working together

Working together

Iola Davies

Emergence CIC-South West KUF (National personality disorder training) manager

Self employed trainer and worker in mental health service development

theoretical approaches
Theoretical approaches

Health Foundation Document 2010 (Realp and Wallace)‘What is co- production?’

‘In the 1970s,social policy recognised how users can make a difference to thequalityofservices they receive whentheyparticipateinthe delivery of the publicservicethemselves.’

‘One approach, whichemphasisestheimportance of the collaboration between service providers and users, isco-production. It is also knownasco-creatingservices, whereby service recipients are involved in different stages of the process, including planning, design, delivery and audit of a public service (Boyle,Clarke and Burns 2006a;Needham and Carr,2009).’

working together in clinical settings

‘Collaborative co-productionrequiresuserstobe experts in theirowncircumstancesand capableofmakingdecisions, whileprofessionalsmust move frombeingfixersto facilitators.’

‘Patient centeredness describestherelationshipbetween clinicians and patientsas a meeting oftwoexperts, eachwiththeirrespectiveknowledgeand skills.’

•Health Foundation Document 2010 (Realp and Wallace) ‘What is co-production?’

Working together in clinical settings
why is working together important
Why is working together important?

Many reasons?

  • Personal development of service users and staff.

At the organisational level

  • For services to respond to patient feedback so that services best meet the needs of the people in their area in terms of the variety, quality and quantity of services offered and do not waste money by providing inappropriate services that limit the recovery of patients.
  • For patients and staff to work together at all stages to develop services to help best fit the needs of their local populatione.g. patients on service steering groups etc’.

‘Patient involvement in South West Talking Therapy (IAPT) services’(SWDC 2011)

working together in b ristol
Working together in Bristol
  • Crisis house - 20 year plus campaign led by service users , working with staff
  • Outcomes: two crisis houses, one for women, one for men funded by Bristol CCG
  • Very positive evaluation report from service users, staff and commissioners
  • Tender of mental health services in Bristol
  • Concerns expressed by service users,GPs,carers,etc
  • Outcomes: public engagement events, out to tender, joint working on service specifications, project and evaluation teams
working together what is important
Working together; what is important?

Some ideas?

  • Shared aims
  • Working together from the beginning
  • Time and perseverance
  • No ‘them and us’
  • Parity of esteem (really believe it!)
  • Recognition of strengths and different types of expertise
  • Respect and support for each other

We can make a positive difference together!