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Division of Part-Time Studies

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Division of Part-Time Studies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Division of Part-Time Studies. Presentation Overview. University Mission Enrollment Overview Education Dynamics Recommendation Trends Online Program Overview Curriculum On-campus Program Structure Oversight Admission Administration. Introduction.

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Presentation Transcript
presentation overview
Presentation Overview
  • University Mission
  • Enrollment Overview
  • Education Dynamics Recommendation
  • Trends
  • Online Program
    • Overview
    • Curriculum
    • On-campus Program
    • Structure
    • Oversight
    • Admission
    • Administration

The Division of Part-Time Studies at Villanova University under the auspices of the Vice President of Academic Affairs in conjunction with University Alliance will be offering an online undergraduate degree program.

university mission
University Mission
  • Academic integrity lies at the heart of the values expressed in the University's mission statement and inspired by the spirit of Saint Augustine.
  • The online program is consistent with the existing mission of Villanova University, the keystone of which is commitment to being a community of faculty, students, graduates, and external partners.
enrollment overview
Enrollment Overview
  • Increased competition
    • Satellite Campuses
    • Online Programs
  • Reduced corporate education benefits

Villanova PTS should offer at least one full degree program and one full certificate program that are delivered entirely online.

online enrollment trends
Online Enrollment Trends

The proportion of higher education students taking at least one online course: Fall 2002 – Fall 2011

online enrollment trends1
Online Enrollment Trends
  • Online enrollment has annual growth rate of 17.3 percent
  • Only 13.5% of higher education institutions had no online offerings in 2012
  • 62.4% of institutions provided complete online programs in 2012
  • The number of private nonprofit institutions with fully online offerings doubled over the past decade (from 22.1% in 2002 to 48.4% in 2012).

Babson Survey Research Group, Pearson, The Sloan Consortium, Changing Course: Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United States, by I. Elaine Allen and Jeff Seaman (Babson Survey Research Group and Quahog Research Group, LLC., 2013), 17-21

online program overview
Online Program Overview
  • Administered through PTS
  • Adult transfer program
  • 120 credit degree program
  • Exemplifying the Villanova Experience
  • Initially providing two majors
    • Media and Technology
    • Leadership
  • Accelerated eight-week term
  • Synchronous and asynchronous delivery
  • Offered in addition to existing on campus program
  • Adult students choose campus or online: no combination
core curriculum comparison
Core Curriculum Comparison

The online and on-campus BA degrees require 40 courses of 3 or more credits. Each program has 16 core courses.

core curriculum comparison1
Core Curriculum Comparison

Both core curriculum’s require students take at least two courses designated as “diversity.” Students are required to select one course in two of the three areas defined in the Enchiridion.

on campus part time program
On-Campus Part-Time Program
  • The on-campus Part-Time Studies degree program will not be eliminated.
    • The on-campus program for the four majors (Media and Technology, Leadership Studies, Information Systems and General Studies), which only adult students can complete, will have the modifications of the online program.
    • Students in all other BA programs will not have the modifications given to students taking the online program.
villanova responsibilities
Villanova Responsibilities
  • Develop and oversee academic content and course design process
  • Make all academic decisions
  • Review student applications
  • Train and evaluate adjunct faculty
  • Review and approve marketing materials
  • Schedule classes
  • Monitor student progress and advising
university alliance responsibilities
University Alliance Responsibilities
  • Provide instructional design support
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Live Class (Blackboard Collaborate)
  • Provide national marketing
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Collect application materials – assist applicants
  • Textbooks and related materials
  • Provide student support services
  • University Alliance college partners: Notre Dame, Tulane, University of San Francisco, University of Vermont
villanova authority structure
Villanova Authority Structure
  • The current authority structure for Part-Time Studies and the relationship to the colleges offering courses and programs in that division will remain the same.
  • The chair of the Computing Science Department, which is associated with the Media and Technology program, will coordinate that major.
  • Part-Time Studies, under Dr. Stokes’s direction, will seek the guidance, support and direction of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the College deans for the online degree program.
villanova authority structure1
Villanova Authority Structure
  • Dr. Stokes will direct the planning and launch of the online program.
  • At Villanova, Dr. Stokes has also served as the Program Director for the Human Resource Development online program from the planning in 2008 through the launch in March 2010 and continues to direct the 600+ student program today.
  • In addition, he has taught a online Psychology class for the past 13 years and given presentations to faculty about teaching online at Hofstra University, Fairfield University, Arcadia University and University of Richmond.
faculty involvement
Faculty Involvement
  • Participation of full-time faculty to design or teach in the program is voluntary.
    • Faculty teaching a course designed by another faculty member must use the course materials as designed, which helps ensure quality and consistency across sections.
    • With the Department Chair’s approval, a full-time faculty may teach in the online program as part of his/her teaching load.
applicant evaluation
Applicant Evaluation
  • Part-Time Studies staff will review and evaluate the applicant materials for admission, as is currently the case for the campus programs.
  • Student evaluation criteria will include a review of an application, all previous college transcripts, and high school transcripts.
admissions process
Admissions Process
  • Admission documents gathered by University Alliance
  • Applications reviewed by Part-Time Studies
  • Admission documents:
    • Application with fee
    • High school and college transcripts
    • TOEFL where applicable
    • Proof of age
admission requirements
Admission Requirements
  • Minimum Requirements:
    • Adults, 22 years of age and older
    • At least 15 transferable college credits
    • Minimum GPA of 3.0
    • TOEFL where applicable
value to villanova university
Value to Villanova University
  • National recognition
  • Greater diversity
  • Courses designed by Villanova University faculty
  • Dual Classroom Model
    • Synchronous classroom requirement allows for student interaction
    • Asynchronous lectures/discussions expand classroom experience
in conclusion
In Conclusion

The vision is to have a nationally recognized, rigorous, high quality, student-centered academic program for adult learners.