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Social Studies Time PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Studies Time

Social Studies Time

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Social Studies Time

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  1. Social Studies Time

  2. The Incas used a system called Quipu for counting. The Aztecs lived in a city called Tenochtitlan which is currently Mexico City. The city of Tenochtitlan, was built on raised islets in Lake Texcoco. Lets Review

  3. Regina Ruiz Alvarez Mayan Empire

  4. Where do you think the Mayan Empire was located?

  5. the Mayan Empire was located: The Mayan Empire extend throughout southern states of Mexico which are Chiapas, the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize.

  6. The Mayan Empire is considered to be a Mesoamericancivilization. The Mayan empire flourished around 250 AD to 900 AD. The empire collapsed around 900 AD. No one knows the reason. Many propose that it was was disease, political upheaval, overpopulation or drought. The Mayan Empire used hieroglyphics as their writing system. The Mayan Empire

  7. Cancuén Chichen Itza

  8. The most notable monuments are the stepped pyramids. These were used as religious centers and palaces of their rulers. One of the largest palaces is at Cancuen. • The Mayan Empire was polytheistic. • The Mayan use to practice codices, which were human sacrifices. The Mayan would offer the heart of slaves or of women to their Gods • One main God was: the Maize god

  9. Mayan mathematicians invented the number system which included the concept of zero, an idea unknown to the Greeks. The Mayans used their mathematical knowledge with their celestial observations to compose many calendars. The primary crop was maize. They also grew squash, beans, chili peppers, amaranth, mandioca, cacao, cotton for light clothing, and sisal for heavy cloth and for rope.

  10. Mayan calendar

  11. Mayan ball field

  12. The Mayan Empire political system consisted of numerous kings. When it was time for a new king, the king’s supremacy would be passed down to his son. When there was a birth of a heir, the kings performed a blood sacrifice by drawing blood from his own body as an offering to his ancestors. A human sacrifice was then offered at the time of a new king's installation in office. To be a king, one must have taken a captive in war and then that person is then used as the victim in his ceremony.

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