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Madagascar. Its culture, how Islam spread, and its architecture. Food. S made Madagascan chicken. It was made by rubbing ginger and garlic on chicken and then cooking it over a low fire for 40 minutes. Culture & Clothes.

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Its culture, how Islam spread, and its architecture.


S made Madagascan chicken. It was made by rubbing ginger and garlic on chicken and then cooking it over a low fire for 40 minutes.

culture clothes
Culture & Clothes

The Island of Madagascar is home to a mix of many different races, but they all speak one language; Malagasy.

The Lamba is the traditional clothing for Madagascans. It is a long rectangular piece of cloth wrapped around the body. It is used in daily life, as well as traditional ceremonies and rituals like burials. The traditional lambas are made of silk while the everyday ones are made out of cotton or similar material.

A Lamba on a man

A Lamba on a woman


The Madagascan flag is red, white, and green. France took over Madagascar in 1896, and when Madagascar got its independence from France, they changed their flag, as countries usually do after they gain independence. The green represents the Hova people, the large majority of people who helped free Madagascar, while the red and white in the flag are the colors of the Merina Kingdom.

This is the flag that N made.

islam in madagascar
Islam in Madagascar

Today, Muslims are 7% of the population in Madagascar. Most of them are Sunnis. The first Arabs to settle in Madagascar were refugees from the wars after Muhammad SAW's death. Arab immigrants brought Islam to the Island, and they left a big impression in Madagascar. The Malagasy names for seasons, months, days, and coins originate from the Arabs.


In different places, there was different architecture. But I'm only going to do one of those places, and that place is the central highlands. In the highlands, the Malagasy used mud and rice stalks from the paddy, until this protestant missionary James Cameron came and showed them how to make bricks out of the mud. Soon, the mud bricks replaced the rice stalk roofs.

clay bricks
Clay Bricks

The clay brick H made.


From the side...