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  1. Madagascar Alexis Capobianco 7-G

  2. Geography in Madagascar Madagascar lies in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa. It is east of Mozambique. It is also the world’s fourth largest island and is twice the size of Arizona. The area of Madagascar is 592,800 square miles. Madagascar is a narrow coastal plain, high plateau, with mountains in the center.

  3. Landforms • Madagascar has a lot of different landforms: mountains, volcanoes, and beaches • Mountains are in the center of Madagascar , they are called the Highland mountains • There are 5 volcanoes in Madagascar • There is countless number of beaches

  4. Bodies of Water Major Rivers: • On the east coast, the rivers are short because the land is steep. East coast rivers include: the Mananara, Mangoro and the Maningory River. • On the west coast, the rivers are longer and run more slowly because the land is less steep. West coast the Betsiboka (longest), the Sambirano, the Mahajamba, the Mania, the Mangoky, and the Onilahy. • In the south, there is the often-dry Mandrare River Major Lakes: • The biggest lake in Madagascar is Lake Alaotra. Surrounding Body of Water: • Indian Ocean

  5. General Information • Capital- Antananarivo • Major language- Malagasy and French • President- Andry Rajoelina (since 2009) • Prime Minister- Omer Beriziky (since 2011) • Population- 21,281,844 (since 2010) • Government-Republic • Climate- tropical along coast, temperate inland, and dry and hot in south • National Holiday- Independence Day on June 26 (1990)

  6. President and Prime Minister Madagascar’s Prime Minister Madagascar’s President

  7. Economy Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest countries. The country’s economy is based largely on agriculture, mining, fishing, and clothes production. One of their best known products is vanilla, which comes from an orchid and is used for flavoring. Vanilla beans take a minimum of two years to grow so they are quite expensive.

  8. Tourist Attractions The things to do in Madagascar can be found nowhere else in the world. There are animals and plants that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, including Lemur Monkeys. It is one of the poorest countries, but it is also one of the safest because of the unique Malagasy culture. In Madagascar you can…………………

  9. Explore the Beaches • In Madagascar, you will find beaches that are on the tourist trails and others that haven’t been explored yet. • The most popular beaches are in Diego and Anakao.

  10. Avenue of the Baobabs • The unique Baobaba trees can be found all around the country. • About an hour away from Morondava there are trees lined along the the road. It is very beautiful at sunset!

  11. Whale Watching • You are able to see humpback whales throughout the entire year near the waters of Saint Marie on the eastern coast. • The best time to see the whales is between June and September, but you are able to see them all year round

  12. Diving in Madagascar • With so much coastline and unique plants and animals, its is no wonder why Madagascar has great diving opportunities. • The diving hotspots are mainly in the Northern coast in the cities f Nosy Be and Diego. You can also find good diving in Anakao and Morondava.

  13. Explore the Wildlife • Throughout the island you can see the 70 different species of Lemurs • Madagascar have eight plant families, five bird families, and five primate families that live nowhere else on Earth. • You can see a lot of these animals at these parks: Berenty, Ankarana Montagne d’ Ambre, and Kirindy

  14. Facts • Madagascar’s official name is the Republic of Madagascar • They usually eat rice with seafood such as fish, or vegetables on the side. Ranonapongo is the most common beverage to drink although tea and coffee are popular drinks too. • Nearly half of Madagascar is covered with forests • Madagascar is made up of 6 provinces

  15. Madagascar the Movie • In 2005 the movie Madagascar came out • It is about animals that come from New York to the Jungle • Since then there has been 3 Madagascar movies

  16. The End!