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First Aid Bytes

Urgent Care fills a critical gap in the Indian healthcare system by becoming a health care services provider between the patient and the hospital in emergency situations.

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First Aid Bytes

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  1. Urgent Care First Aid Bytes

  2. What advice would you give someone who was unconscious for several minutes after a blow to the head and has now come round? Answer: d This is an indication that the person may have internal head injury and should be investigated properly. To rest for one hour before returning to work Go home and rest provided they have no headache Make an appointment to see a doctor take to hospital at once

  3. If blood continues to seep onto the surface of the bandage you should: Answer: a a. Apply a further dressing over the originalb. Remove bandage and redressc. Remove bandage and apply indirect pressured. Apply a tourniquet

  4. The abdominal thrust is used in the First Aid treatment of someone suffering from Answer: d a. Asthmab. Strangulationc. A diabetic comad. Choking

  5. How much oxygen is in the air we breathe in? Answer: b a. 6%b. 21%c. 16%d. 11%

  6. How much oxygen is in the air we breathe out? Answer: c a. 6%b. 21%c. 16%d. 11%

  7. Which of the following is NOT a sign of an asthma attack? Answer: b a. Panickingb. Shoutingc. Noisy breathingd. Unconsciousness

  8. Which of the following would you do to treat a sprain? Answer: c a. Keep the injury lowb. Gentle massagec. Cold compressd. Warmth

  9. How would you treat a burn? Answer: d a. Remove charred clothing from itb. Burst any blistersc. Apply burn sprayd. Place under cold water

  10. What do you think is wrong with a person who is staring blankly, not responding, making twitching movements and is fiddling with his clothing? Answer: a a. Seizureb. Heart attackc. Stroked. Diabetes

  11. What do you think is wrong with a person who is wheezing, having difficulty breathing out, and is weak and distressed? Answer: b a. Heart attackb. Asthmac. Anaphylactic Shockd. Stroke

  12. What would you suspect if, soon after applying a dressing to the arm, the fingers turn pale or bluish in colour, are cold to the touch and the casualty says they feel numb? Answer: c a. There may be a fracture underneathb. There is a foreign object in the woundc. Blood Circulation has been cut offd. The casualty may be suffering from frostbite

  13. You have a person who is not breathing but has injuries to the face that prevent you from performing mouth-to-mouth. What do you do? Answer: d Wait for the ambulance Try 5 abdominal thrusts Give 15 chest compressions Continue with Compression only Resuscitation at the rate of at least 100 per minute

  14. When you first arrive at the scene of an accident, what is the first thing you should do? Answer: c Shout for help Check the casualties response level Assess the situation for danger Check the casualty's breathing

  15. A conscious person is choking. After advising him to cough and assuming this has not worked, what should you do next? Answer: d Try to hook the object out of the mouth Call an Ambulance Attempt up to 5 Back slaps Attempt Abdominal Thrusts

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