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Competency 2

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Competency 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Competency 2. Constructing meaning, demonstrating understanding and using it. Goals of the workshop. G et a better grasp of the fundamental aspects of the second competency Reflect on our teaching practices Give ideas on how to help students become active readers/listeners.

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Competency 2

Constructing meaning, demonstrating understanding and using it


Goals of the workshop

  • Get a better grasp of the fundamental
  • aspects of the second competency
  • Reflect on our teaching practices
  • Give ideas on how to help students
  • become active readers/listeners


  • AM
  • Activating Prior Knowledge
  • Construction of Meaning
  • Demonstration of Understanding
  • PM
  • Reinvestment of Understanding
  • Evaluation of C2
  • (Examples of C2 Tasks in Material)

When we were kids, we obediently kept our noses in our school books without knowing why we were reading or what we were expected to get out of it. We were passive readers, because we didn’t believe that we had much to do with anything in the text or that our thoughts or opinions mattered. Our task seemed to be to answer end-of-chapter questions, make an outline, and remember the author’s ideas and information just long enough for Friday’s test.

Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis. P.25.


Think / Pair / Share

  • Think and answer the questions using key words. (1 minute)
  • Pair up and select one or two key words for each question. (5 minutes)
  • Share with the whole group.
  • * What is reading?
  • * What is listening to a text?
  • * What is understanding?






Two strategies that work with strategies:

Demonstrate their usefulness

Model how to use them


Interacting with the text to construct meaning

Activate prior knowledge

Why do we use this strategy ?

To help connect new ideas to what we know which in turn helps us better understand what we read.

Think (about what you know) + Associate (new information) = Activate prior knowledge


We are going to watch a video text. So there is also another strategy which would be useful:

Pay selective attention

What would the advantages be? Why would a second language learner use this strategy?





Expand own range of words

using texts and available resources

Develop ideas

Select, organize, summarize information

Use texts and available resources

as sources of ideas and information


How can students use knowledge from the texts to carry out a reinvestment task?