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ACA Association of California Airports Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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ACA Association of California Airports Conference

ACA Association of California Airports Conference

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ACA Association of California Airports Conference

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  1. ACA Association of California Airports Conference S. Lake Tahoe September 16 – 18, 2009

  2. What is the ATO? FAA ~45,000 Employees Federal Grant Program Administration Regulatory Functions: Certification of: Air Crews Aircraft Air Operators Airports ALSO ATO Oversight Incident investigation ATO ~33,000

  3. Air Traffic Organization • Air Traffic Control(and everything required to provide a safe environment for pilots and their passengers in the air) • Facilities and maintenance of facilities used by ATC • Radars and Surveillance equipment • Communications Facilities • Navigational Aids • Weather observers/information systems • Buildings – Towers, Centers, Tracons • Hardware/Software to process, integrate and view information and assist controllers in effectively managing traffic

  4. ATO Western Service Center • Centralized support for controllers and field personnel • Admin. Services Training, personnel management, performance analysis and metrics • Business Services Mgmt of Assets, Property & Materiel, Accounting and Financial Mgmt • Operations Support Airspace analysis and improvement, Air Traffic Procedure Development, Emergency/Contingency planning • Safety Assurance Risk assessment and Mgmt, Incident/Accident reporting • Planning & Requirements Needs assessment, Mgmt of Facility Improvement projects, Budget Formulation

  5. Reimbursable Agreements • Airports may be liable for cost of impacts to FAA facilities due to airport work • Agency budgets are strictly controlled by Congress and don’t allow for “unplanned” work Link to Add’l RA Info

  6. Fed & Non-Fed Systems • FAA is the overseer of the NAS • Reserves the right to restrict use of facilities in the NAS • Non-Fed systems need to be certified by the FAA prior to use for aviation • Only under very (very) limited circumstances, the FAA may accept a non-Fed system for ownership and maintenance responsibilities.

  7. FAA Facility Information • Information on an existing local FAA facility is best obtained from the field maintenance office (SSC) • Contact the Service Center if an airport project impacts a FAA-owned facility • Some facilities may be “non-Fed” (airport owned) and certified by the FAA for use in the NAS

  8. Contacts • NAS Planning & Integration Nurhan Tan 425-203-4615 • Airports District Office Program Manager/Planner Los Angeles ADO San Francisco ADO • Regional Administrator

  9. Questions?

  10. Reimbursables, add’l Info Return FAA principal goal is protecting the operation of the National Airspace System (NAS). FAA reserves right to determine how FAA NAS facilities shall be relocated in the best interest of the flying public. Reimbursable agreement ensures FAA responsibility for NAS equipment.

  11. Reimbursables, add’l Info Return A reimbursable agreement ensures that • Work on FAA-owned facilities is performed in accordance with regulatory requirements. • Performance of facility is maintained • Safety and efficiency of NAS is maintained. • Impact to facility life cycle (long term maintenance) costs are minimized. • Highest level of FAA expertise is available to help address project challenges. • FAA and sponsor responsibilities are clearly defined.

  12. Potential Reimbursable Facilities Return Navigation and Landing Systems • Navaids: ILS, RVR, DME, VOR, NDB • Visaids: REIL, PAPI, MALSR Surveilllance and Weather Systems • ASR, ASDE • ASOS, AWOS Communication Systems • RTR, Fiberoptic Loop, Cable Loop ATCT, Tracons

  13. Early Notification! Sponsor should contact Lead Planner ASAP when scope of construction project might impact FAA facilities. FAA responsible for determining impact and evaluate mitigations and solutions. Early planning will ensure FAA can provide resources to support sponsor’s project schedule. Include FAA work in comprehensive environmental impact for the project California Best Practices Guide