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Association of California Airports Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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Association of California Airports Conference

Association of California Airports Conference

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Association of California Airports Conference

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  1. Association of California Airports Conference The Very Light Jet Remarks by: Dan Burkhart Director of Regional Programs National Business Aviation Association September 16, 2005

  2. The VLJ – How Does It Fit • The Business Jet Industry • VLJ, Inception to Present • The Infrastructure

  3. Business Aviation Growth

  4. Turbine Fleet (Without very light jets) VLJ

  5. New Generation Aircraft

  6. Embraer's Light JetsSeptember 2005The Brazilian commercial jet maker gets into little jets in a big way. Embraer is making progress on its light jet program, which it announced at the Paris airshow last spring. The company, which makes a lineup of regional jets and a high-end bizjet, the Legacy, will get into the light jet market by producing both a very light jet (six to eight seats) and a light jet (eight to nine seats).The Embraer Very Light Jet (both airplanes are still going by generic names), powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney PW617F engines with 1,615 pounds of thrust, will carry up to eight people to a service ceiling of 41,000 feet. With four onboard, the Very Light Jet will have a range of 1,160 nautical miles with NBAA IFR reserves and an Mmo of Mach 0.70. The VLJ, expected to enter service in mid-2008, will carry a price tag of $2.75 million in 2005 dollars. Embraer’s nine-seat Light Jet will be powered by a pair of P&W PW535E engines with 3,200 pounds of thrust. Range of the Light Jet with six onboard is predicted to be 1,800 nautical miles with NBAA IFR reserves. It will have a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.78 and a service ceiling of 45,000 feet. Expected to enter service in mid-2009, the Light Jet carries a sticker price of $6.65 million in 2005 dollars. Embraer’s Luis Carlos Alfonso, senior vice president corporate aviation market, said that the two new airplanes share the same fuselage cross section and that it’s larger than that of the Eclipse, the Mustang and the CJ1. According to Alfonso, the market segment of very light jets will encompass some 1,400 units not including those ordered as air taxis. "If the air-taxi model is successful," he said, "that could amount to another 3,000 airplanes." Offbeat By Michelle Dammon Loyalka SEPTEMBER 19, 2005 Your Air Taxi Is Almost Ready Boston startup Linear Air is out to get a jump on this new form of point-to-point flying in "very light jets," which may debut in 2006 Despite big-name, big-money competitors waiting in the wings, Bill Herp doesn't see his air-taxi company as an underdog. The founder and CEO of Boston-based Linear Air isn't too concerned about competition from industry veterans like former American Airlines (AMR) Chairman Bob Crandall and People Express' Donald Burr, or business pros like Citrix (CTXS ) co-founder Ed Iacobucci. Though their own air-taxi outfits, Pogo and DayJet, come to the table backed with fame and fortune, they're not slated to take flight until a groundbreaking class of "very light jets" (VLJs) hit the runway sometime next year.

  7. New Generation Aircraft • Speed • Useful Load • Balanced Field Length • Range • Max Gross Weight • Operating Cost • Issues Cessna Mustang

  8. Very Light Jet Development

  9. Runway Length Needed for Maximum Weight Takeoff * *R/W Length

  10. NBAA Airport Requirements

  11. NBAA Airport Requirements

  12. NBAA Airport Requirements

  13. NBAA Airport Requirements

  14. U.S. Airport System

  15. U.S. Airport System

  16. U.S. Airport System

  17. Environmental & Political Issues ? SMO

  18. Security Impact } = ACCESS?

  19. Plan for the Future • Survey your Assets • What do you wish to be • Define a Vision • Cost vs. Benefits • Advocate your Vision • Market: Community & Users Pine Mt. Lake E45 SNS

  20. 58th Annual Meeting & Convention • Orlando, Florida • Wednesday through Friday • November 9, 10 & 11 •

  21. Thank You ACA Dan Burkhart Tel 760-749-6303 Fax 760-749-6313