The olymics
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The Olymics. History.

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The olymics

The Olymics


The Olympics is a competition that is made up of multiple games of different sports. The Olympics has a rich history and is widely celebrated throughout the world. The Olympics is based on a form of Greek games many years ago. The Olympics has many different traditions to do with the history of the starting games in Greece.

  • The torch: In the Olympics at the very beginning of each opening ceremony they light a torch to represent the coming of the games. I believe that the torch represents the Greek god history as it is said that in Olympus there is a hearth that can control the gods power

  • The Rings: The Olympic flag is represented by 5 rings attached together to symbolize the coming together of the 5 continents in their love of sport.

Nz olympians
NZ Olympians

Medal contenders

MaheDrysdale- Men's single sculls

Nick Willis- Men's 1,500 meters

Nathan Cowen and Jonathon sullivan- Men's double scull

Hamish bond and Eric murray- Men’s double sculls

Jonell Richards, Mark Todd, Caroline Powell, Jonathan Paget and Andrew Nicholson- equestrian eventing 3 day

Peter Taylor and Storm uru- Men’s double scull

Sarah walker- BMX

Valerie Adams- shot put.

Lisa Carrington- kayaking

Main events
Main Events

  • Running

  • Swimming

  • Triathlon

  • Long/High jump

  • Rowing

  • Kayaking(go Lisa Carrington)


  • This is the biggest of the London 2012 stadiums and it is where they hold the coveted athletics area of the games. This is also where they will hold and present the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony. This is held in the centre of the olympics stadiums.

  • Another main area is the athletes village where the athletes are to live for the duration of the games. The athletes village are usually quit budget and are not the flashiest accommodation.

  • Kiwi house is a restaurant where the athletes can celebrate after there event