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Pandas. By Ophelia C. Contents Page. Food Habitat There Temperature Wang Wang and Funi Pictures Red Pandas Kung Fu Panda The End. Food.

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By Ophelia C

Contents page
Contents Page

  • Food

  • Habitat

  • There Temperature

  • Wang Wang and Funi

  • Pictures

  • Red Pandas

  • Kung Fu Panda

  • The End


Usually pandas would eat Bamboo it’s all of the pandas favourite food and they also eat these little fishes called anchovies, which is what every animal on earth eats. Bamboos are plants that are green, long, and it most certainly have leaves on it. Anchovies are little fish that can be pretty hard to catch because they swim very fast.

The habitat
The Habitat

  • All of the Pandas live in China which is in Asia. Two of the Pandas which is Wang Wang and Funi they were sent to Adelaide in South Australia but they are going to get returned back to China soon. You can find one Panda at the Ocean Park in Hong Kong and his name is Quinny. Pandas would rather live in forests in China.

There temperature
There Temperature

  • Pandas keep warmth by hugging themselves by there really warm fur and hugging other Pandas. When it is Winter, Pandas get cold easily and may get ill/sick but they have there own knowledge to either hug themselves or hugging other Pandas. When it is summer Pandas don’t get too hot, but the Pandas know they have to go somewhere cooler and where they’ll stay cool.

Wang wang and funi
Wang Wang and Funi

  • Wang Wang and Funi are two famous Pandas that are now in Adelaide which is in South Australia. Wang is a boy and he is 7yrs old at the moment and Funi is a girl and she is 5yrs old this year. The two Pandas are brothers and sisters. Wang Wang and Funi were put in cages, it’s for them to stay safe during the flight.

Red pandas
Red Pandas

Red Pandas are still Pandas but except they are red. You can find Red Pandas in China but you might find them in Northern Africa. Red Pandas only live in trees but they sometimes crawl on the ground. Red Pandas don’t look like normal Pandas but they are still types of Pandas. You can also find Red Pandas in lots of places in Asia.

Kung fu panda
Kung Fu Panda

I think I know that all of you should know about Kung Fu Panda the movie. If you don’t know just relax and listen. Kung Fu Panda is a Chinese movie that was released in 2008 in May the 13th and it was released in France. It’s a story about a chubby Panda that’s name is Po. There is a female snake and tiger named Viper and Tigeress and there’s a prey mantis named Mantis, a monkey named Morass and a snow leopard named Tai Lung.