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Vocabulary Clusters #3 PowerPoint Presentation
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Vocabulary Clusters #3

Vocabulary Clusters #3

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Vocabulary Clusters #3

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  1. Vocabulary Clusters #3

  2. Words and Definitions Succinct: clearly and briefly stated Verbose: overly wordy, long-winded Torpid: sluggish Alacrity: quick, lively Altruistic: unselfish concern for others Nefarious: wicked, no regard for others

  3. Words and Definitions Paltry: worthless Momentous: important Spurn: reject Accede: agree or accept Rue: to mourn, regret Solace: give comfort, peace

  4. Freewriting Describe a decision that you made in which the consequences made you rue your choice of action. Right before a important date, you get the world’s worst zit in the most obvious place possible. You realize to try and fix the problem you must act with great alacrity. What do you quickly do? Describe a school activity you find paltry. Why? Describe the personality of someone who spurns the friendship of others. How does he/she act? Why?

  5. Freewriting If you go to a friend looking for advice, would you rather the person be succinct or verbose in offering words of wisdom? Why? Would you rather be a superhero who is altruistic or a villain who is nefarious. Why?

  6. Pictures Directions: Create pictures for each of the vocabulary words in cluster #3. Each picture should contain: Some type of visual association with the word Some type of text—dialogue, thought bubbles, your explanation of the picture

  7. Word Endings--Suffixes Which use of “love” grammatically makes sense? I lovingly placed a hand on the child’s head. I love placed a hand on the child’s head. Key Idea: Endings to words matter because they alter how a word is employed. Directions: Look up three vocabulary words in the dictionary. Rewrite the words with their various endings. Select one word and create sentences using each suffix.