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Massive Cluster. Clusters. Gigabit Ethernet. CITRIS Network S. J. Ben Yoo Yoo@ece.ucdavis.edu (530) 752-7063 ECE Dept, UCDavis. RESEARCH in the Interest of Society. Applications Pull. Technology Push. Information Technology RESEARCH. CITRIS Network is a Research Network.

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  1. Massive Cluster Clusters Gigabit Ethernet CITRIS Network S. J. Ben Yoo Yoo@ece.ucdavis.edu (530) 752-7063 ECE Dept, UCDavis

  2. RESEARCH in the Interest of Society Applications Pull Technology Push Information Technology RESEARCH CITRIS Network is a Research Network Societal-Scale Applications Societal-Scale Applications Technological Breakthroughs CITRIS-Net

  3. Optical Network OXC OXC OXC SONET NE SONET NE Router Router Router Router Router Router Router WDM WDM Optical Network WDM Switch Switch Switch Switch Switch Optical Internetworking & CITRIS-net Data networking view 1 st Gen 2 st Gen 3 rd Gen Optical networking view

  4. Diverse Needs of CITRIS-net • RESEARCH Networking Needs Type-A l • SOME Needs BOTH Type-C • PRODUCTION-LikeNetworking Needs Type-B

  5. CITRIS-Network CITRIS Network is a Testbed of Testbeds Visualization Human Centered Computing Smart Classroom Earthquake Engineering Smart Building Motorola Pagewriter 2000 WLAN / Bluetooth Environmental Monitoring Pager H.323 GW Wearable Displays Tiny OS Smart Dust Sensor Network Millennium Cluster

  6. UCDavis UCB Oakland San Francisco UCMerced Modesto Silicon Valley UCSC CITRIS-net is Intercampus Infrastructre Sacramento CITRIS net Nodes PoP node DARK Fiber Circuit Connection OC-48 or lower

  7. CITRIS Network -- Internetworking CITRIS-Net CENIC ONI NREN ESNet Abilene DARPA NGI Supernet

  8. “Server” “Client” CITRIS net Nodes PoP node DARK Fiber Circuit Connection OC-48 or lower Collaborative Applicationson CITRIS-net

  9. CITRIS Network in Smart Classroom

  10. Sensor Networks in Earthquake Engineering Potentially ~Millions of MEMS sensors in 1 m3 Courtesy of Prof. Bruce Kutter NEES UCDavis

  11. 1000 x 1000 x 1000 pixels/frame x 28 bit/pixel x 30 frames/sec ~ 1 Tb/sec • Real-time 3-D Visualization will require • ~1 Tb/sec bandwidth in the future Courtesy of Prof. Bernd Hamann CIPIC UCDavis

  12. Imaging 3 D visualization machine_1 3 D visualization machine_2 NEES SGI 16 processor Parallel computer SGI image processor Router Router HDTV Camera Environmental Monitoring OXC OXC OXC 80 PC cluster CITRIS-net Campus Network (UCD example) OLS router OLS router To Sacramento, Merced To Berkeley, SantaCruz

  13. CITRIS-net Capabilities-A • Type-A Service: • Optical Reconfiguration Networking • Optical Switching (e.g. Opitcal MEMS) • Optical Multicast • IP/WDM, MPLS, MPLambdaS Networking • Network Control and Management Research • Electronic Switching and Routing Protocol • New Security Research • Anything else you can think of

  14. CITRIS-net Capabilities-B • Type-B Service: • Scalable and High-Bandwidth • Low-Latency • Low-Jitter • High QoS End-to-End • Multicast capable • Commercially available state-of-the-art networking technology (MPLS, MPLambdaS with GMPLS, etc.)

  15. CITRIS-net Capabilities-C • Type-C Service: • Enabled by Application Pull & Technology Push • New Application enabled by non-commercial research grade networking technology • Additional CITRIS needs such as traffic measurements are being discussed with CENIC.

  16. CITRIS-net Networking Researchers(anticipated) • ICSI members: Sally Floyd, Ramesh Govindan, Mark Handley, Dick Karp, Vern Paxson, Scott Shenker, J. Feldman • Berkeley members: Constance Chang-Hasnain , Joseph M. Kahn, Randy H. Katz Kam Y. Lau , Pravin P. Varaiya, Jean Walrand, Goldberg, Tygar, John Strand, • Davis members: S. J. Ben Yoo, Jonathan Heritage, Chen-Nee Chuah, Norman Tien, Bernd Hamann (multicast visualization), Kwan Liu Ma (Remote Visualization), Oliver Staadt (Virtual Reality), Bruce Kutter (earthquake engineering network), Biswanath Mukherjee, Dipak Ghosal, Demet Aksoy, Felix Wu • Santa Cruz members: Ali SHAKOURI, Tara MADHYASTHA, Ken PEDROTTI, Anujan VARMA, JJ GARCIA-LUNA-ACEVES, Claire GU, Pat MANTEY • LBL: D. Agarwal, Horst Simon, Jim Leighton, Bill McCurdy • LLNL: William Lennon, Steven Bond, Steve Ashby • DARPA/ISI/USC: Tom Lehman • NASA: Pat Carey • NRL: Hank Dardy

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