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  2. APATOSAURUS • APATOSAURUS was 70ft long and 30 ft high that is 12 meters high and 26 meters long it was as big as a 4 story building. APATOSAURUS mostly ate grass and leafs at the top of a big tree. Apatosaurus lived 155 mya (million years ago)_ 140 mya.(Jurassic).

  3. Albertosaurus • Albertosaurus lived 70 mya -65 mya it was 20 ft high and 30 ft long that is 9 meters long and 8 meters high.(cretaceous time period). I

  4. BRONTOSAURUS • BRONTOSAURUS WAS 80 FT LONG AND 50 FT HIGH. Brontosaurus lived 154 mya – 140 mya in the Jurassic time period .

  5. CORYTHOSAURUS • CORYTHOSAURUS WAS 10 FT HIGH AND 11 FT LONG . It live about 79 mya -65 mya. It was 5 meters long and 3 meters high. It lived in the cretaceous time period.

  6. Deinonychus • Deinonychus means terrible lizard. It had really sharp claws that can even rip a T-rex skin. It was 6 ft high and 8ft long. • It lived 66-65 mya.

  7. EINIOSAURUS • EINIOSAURUS WAS ABOUT 30 FT LONG AND 10FT HIGH.EINIOSAURUS lived 140 mya-100mya.It lived in the cretaceous time period.

  8. Fabrosaures • Fabrosaurus lived about 66 mya-65mya. Fabrosaurus was about the size of a kid in grade 4 (4.5ft). Fabrosaurus ate insects and small reptiles.

  9. GALLIMIMUS • GALLIMIMMUS ran as fast as 50 k/ph and it was 10 ft tall. 6meters tall and 9ft long and 5 meters long. It lived 68 mya -65mya.

  10. HYPACROSAURUS • Hypacrosaurus was 10 ft tall and 12 ft long. Hypacrosaurus ate grass that means it is a herbivore. It lived about 70 million years ago to 65 million.

  11. Iguanadon • Iguanodon was about 36ft of the ground and 43 ft in length. it ate grass and it had a tooth like an iguana. It was a herbivore.

  12. KENTROSAURUS • Kentrosaurus was 5 ft off the ground and 10 ft in length it was a herbivore .It ate grass from the ground because he could not reach the leafs at the top of the trees. kentrosaurus lived 150 mya- 145 mya.

  13. Lambesaurus • Lambeosaurus was 49 ft long and 30 ft of the ground. It ate trees and bushes. It lived 90 mya -85 mya.

  14. Meglosaurus • Megalosaurus was 31 ft in length and 28 ft in height. It ate meat that means it is a carnivore. Sometimes it even ate dead meat.

  15. NODOSAURUS • Nodosaurus had armor do protect it self from big meat eaters and it had a club like thing at the and of its tail for defense . It was 3 ft of the ground and 8 ft long. It was a herbivore like kentrosaurus.

  16. parasauralophus • Parasauralophus can honk with its honk tube thing at the top.parasauralophus was 10 ft off the ground and 12 ft long .it lived 90 mya -84 mya.

  17. seismosaurus • Seismosaurus was 80 ft of the ground and 90 ft long. It weighed about 78 cows and its cousin argentinosaurus is 3 times heavier than seismosaurus.

  18. TYRANOSAURUS REX • T-REX was a famous dinosaur and it was the king of all the dinosaurs. IT was 21ft of the ground and over 40 ft in length. It lived 66mya-65 mya

  19. ultrausarus • Ultrasaurus was 98 ft off the ground and 102 ft in length and it weighed 6times more than seismosaurus.

  20. Velociraptor • Velociraptor was about the size of you and it had sharp claws and it was a fast hunter. It was a carnivore

  21. xenotorsasaurus • Xenotorsausarus was a meat eater (carnivore) it live about66 mya-65mya. It was over 30 ft long and over 25ft tall.

  22. yuangshuanasaurus • Yuangshuanosaurus was about 20 ft tall and 25 ft long. it ate meat. IT lived 75 mya -65 mya.

  23. If the evolution of life on Earth seems to go back a long way, it may be put into a geological context by comparing the age of the planet with the life time of a person now 47 years old. Fossils only tell us about life since the Pre Cambrian era began 600 million years ago, but by then our person would have already celebrated their 40th birthday. Soon after, multi cellular life in the sea diversified into thousands of species. Two years later on the human timescale, planets and insects emerged onto land followed by amphibious animals. Then things began to speed up. It is only a year since the age of the dinosaurs, a week since that last ice age and a mere four hours since our own species, Homo sapiens, first walked on the planet. • During the Earth’s life time, the Solar System has moved around the galactic centre about 25 times. The ocean crust has been recycled 50 times. The continents have accumulated, crashed into each other and broken apart. Landscapes have been eroded and weathered. And the atmosphere has been altered by life forms. Now the globe is being transformed by humans.  Judging from the evolutionary path of the Sun, the Earth has five billion years to go. •  The first living things were microscopic bacteria and protozoa. The first visible sign of life was probably a film of algae. Some algae or filamentous bacteria grew in large mats in shallow after near the tide line, binding sand among them to form layered mounds. Still found growing in warm seas today, fossil stromatolites from the oldest macroscopic fossils in 3,500 million years old deposits in Australia • I

  24. EXTINCTION • THE dinosaurs extinct about 65 million years ago some scientist think they extinct because of global warming and because there were lots of dinosaurs and there wasn’t enough food. Most scientist think an asteroid hit earth by a collision of asteroids • Warning do not imagine about the extinction theories of the asteroid collision