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  1. The real facts. DINOSAURS

  2. What are Dinosaurs? Megalosaurus. The word “Dinosaur” means terrible lizard in Greek.From the words “Deinos” meaning terrible and “Sauros” meaning lizard.

  3. What did they eat? Some dinosaurs eat meat, or they scavenged by eating another animal that is already dead, some Dinosaurs like Struthiomimus, where Omnivores which means that an animal eats plants and meat (usually lizards) and most Dinosaurs eaten plants. Struthiomimus.

  4. Tyrannosaurus-Loudest Dinosaur. Height: 5m(Female) Length: 12m Weight: 7 t Diet: Carnivore Female T-rex are the larger than the males. The largest T-rex was “Sue” at 5m tall and 12m long.

  5. Spinosaurus-Largest Carnivore. Height: 6m Length: 18m Weight:7-9t Diet: Carnivore Meaning “Spined lizard” , Spinosaurus is by far the largest carnivorous Dinosaur and is one of the best known Dinosaurs.

  6. Diplodocus-Longest Dinosaur. Height: 25m Length: 40-50m Weight: 10-11t Diet: Leaves Diplodocus’ teeth were meant to strip leaves from trees. It’s name means “Double-Beamed” because it has 2 bones running into it’s tail, not 1.

  7. Argentinosaurus-Largest Dinosaur. Height: 35m Length:40m Weight: 100t Diet: Leaves Argentinosaurus is a collosal beast which no predator would dare to attack standing over 100 ft tall.

  8. Deinonychus-Dinosaur with sharpest claws. Height: 1.5m Length: 3m Weight:80kg Diet: Meat Deinonychus is one of the most vicous Dromaeosaurs , though standing only 5 ft 7in, this is a lethal predator.

  9. Therizinosaurus-Dinosaur with the longest claws Height: 5m Length: 10m Weight: 6t Diet:Leaves, insects and lizards. Therizinosaurus had claws that were 30cm(1ft/12in) long and most of it’s bones were hollow.

  10. Iguanodon-First dinosaur found and first that could chew. Height: 4m Length: 10m Weight: 4t Diet: Leaves,branches and conifers. Iguanodon was the first Dinosaur found but it was the second named. Megalosaurus was named before it. This Dinosaur had a spiked thumb to defend itself.

  11. When did they live? Megalosaurus:170-155 MYA Jurassic Struthiomimus:90-70 MYA Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus:67-65 MYA Cretaceous Spinosaurus:90-70 MYA Cretaceous Diplodocus:155-145 MYA Jurassic Argentinosaurus:110-90 MYA Cretaceous Deinonychus:110-90 MYA Cretaceous Therizinosaurus:85-70 MYA Cretaceous Iguanodon:140-110 MYA Jurassic to Cretaceous