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T.A.C. Americas Houston. Project Engineering HEADSTART Automation Tool Training. Systems Integration Training Module PE 4. T.A.C. Americas Houston. Whats in Store Today. Visio Review / Questions Install HEADSTART Files Introduce HEADSTART Demo HEADSTART Demo ACCESSBUILDER

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T a c americas houston

T.A.C. Americas Houston

Project Engineering

HEADSTART Automation Tool Training

Systems Integration Training Module PE 4

Whats in store today
Whats in Store Today

  • Visio Review / Questions

  • Install HEADSTART Files

  • Introduce HEADSTART



  • Practice what we preach - Lab

  • Exam


  • Verify PB2 – 140x installed

  • Backup any “In-Use” Files

  • Run self extracting HEADSTART Zip file to copy new PB + HEADSTART files to default directory (C or D)

  • Create shortcut on desktop for:

    • ProjectBuilder.vst

    • Headstart.xlt

    • AccessBuilder.xlt


  • H ouston

  • E ngr’g

  • A nd

  • D esign

  • ST andard

  • A utomation

  • R esource

  • T ool

Headstart advantages
HEADSTART Advantages

  • Uses PB2 VST Template + Stencils

  • Portable single (Excel file)

  • Updates any drwg with TAC title block

  • Update = Rebuilds

  • Allows modification at Visio level

  • Acts as preliminary install guide

  • Provides std parts selection assist

  • Guides new users via “error traps”

Headstart features

  • Std Damper schedule

  • Std MR-ASC, HP schedule (sets dip switches)

  • Automated Valve schedule & selection tool

  • Automated VAV schedule & drawing

  • Automated PCU controller drawings

  • Automated MR controller drawings

  • Automated Access DPU drawings

  • Builds Detail Pages

Headstart files


Call’d by Headstart

Main Headstart

Tool Template

Headstart Tool

Schedules Only

Headstart Tool w/ LON VAV

TAC Support Stencils + Shapes

Project Builder Visio Template

Headstart format

Update Entire Workbook

Create Detail Drawings

Pre Engineering & Schedules

PCU Type Controllers

Sublan Type Controllers

View / Use Std Parts Listing

Headstart instructions
HEADSTART Instructions

Some Help Provided

All Shts in Workbook

Headstart schedules
HEADSTART - Schedules

Check Msg box for Required Info

Enter/Modify Blue Text

Blk Text is calc or automated

Sht Name = workbook & Visio Drwg

Headstart comm sheet
HEADSTART – Comm. Sheet

Commissioning Checklist

Prelim Electrical Install Info

Installation Notes & Tech Sign Off

Headstart layout

Name of Visio Drwg

Adds LLSS to wiretag

Assigns pt info from selection

Pt Name on Drwg


Part Number

Headstart layout1

Navigation Buttons

Headstart parts selection
HEADSTART - Parts Selection

Applies to Vista or Inet

Filter by Category


Cooresp Detail

Where to buy

Headstart demo

  • Location

  • Launch

    • ProjectBuilder.vst

    • Headstart.xlt

Lunch 11 15 12 30
Lunch 11:15 – 12:30

  • On your own

  • Please return on time



  • Review

  • Questions ?

Toc background workaround
TOC Background Workaround

  • On background page, select Show shape sheet from the Developer toolbar

  • Insert - Section from the menu bar

  • Put a check mark in the User-defined Cells item and hit OK

  • Go to User-defined Cells Section You should have User.Row_1 by default

  • Right Click on User.Row_1 and hit Insert Row - You should now have 2 rows

  • Double Click On User.Row_1 and change the name of the Row to IncludeInTOC

  • Click in the Value field of this row and type FALSE

  • Double Click on User.Row_2 and change the name of the row to Class

  • Click in the value field of user.class change to "TitleBlockBackground“ be sure to use the " marks

  • Close the shape sheet by hitting the X in the top corner

  • Now refresh your Table of contents and that page should not show up.

Headstart access bldr
HEADSTART – Access Bldr

  • Separate File (AccessBuilder.xls)

  • Called from specific directory path ….

  • Manual copy sheets (16 DPU ea)

  • Act as install guide for electrical

  • Provides inspection checkout sheet

  • Provides initial equipt. listing

Headstart access bldr1
HEADSTART – Access Bldr

Cmplt by MCI addr

Arranged by Column

Headstart access bldr2
HEADSTART – Access Bldr

Dropbox for selections

Headstart access bldr3
HEADSTART – Access Bldr

View message labels for assist in entry selection

Headstart access bldr4
HEADSTART – Access Bldr

Qty indicates optional I/O in use

Select Y for spare I/O to get option box

Accessbuilder demo
AccessBuilder - DEMO

  • Location

  • Launch

    • ProjectBuilder.vst

    • Headstart.xlt or

    • AccessBuilder.xlt

Access builder
Access Builder

  • Questions ?????

Headstart lab

  • 02:30 to 04:30 pm

  • Follow handouts to generate drawings

  • Be sure to include title and table of contents info

  • Save file as HEADSTART_XX_011504 (where xx is your initials) Save to disk and email to Andy Kitchen.

Headstart exam

  • 04:30 to 05:00 pm

  • Prepare submittal drawings using handout “Specification”

  • Will be graded on …

    • Speed

    • Accuracy

    • Adherence to branch stds

    • Drawing clarity

T a c americas houston2

T.A.C. Americas Houston

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Automation Tool Training

Systems Integration Training Module PE 4