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The Americas

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The Americas. Jade Azari Sonora Hospital-Medina Philip Straus. The Dutch Society. -New Amsterdam = capital -first establishment= Hudson River. -very diverse society -Peter Minuet= governor of New Netherland -German who spoke English.

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the americas

The Americas

Jade Azari

Sonora Hospital-Medina

Philip Straus

the dutch society

The Dutch Society

-New Amsterdam = capital

-first establishment= Hudson River.

-very diverse society

-Peter Minuet= governor of New Netherland

-German who spoke English


-Netherlands practiced religious tolerance  people were not persecuted  less immigrants (Europe) entered for religious freedom

-Dutch = main language.

-however, Native American and English also spoken


-Dutch West India Company

-governing body for the Dutch

-Netherlands lost much territory to other European countries

-e.g., Brazil to Portugal and New Netherland to England

new netherland
New Netherland

-capital = New Amsterdam

-Present day NYC

-governors were appointed to protect interests of DWIC

-New Amsterdam had effects on NYC

- 1674: taken over by British


-Dutch interested in beaver fur

-traded with Iroquois Indians

-Caribbean colonies produced rum and molasses

-Dutch merchants involved- involved with foreign economies

dutch west india company 1621
Dutch West India Company (1621)

-eliminated Spanish, French, etc. competition

-company controlled Dutch trade and colonies

-1674: bankrupt

-most important economic colonies=in Africa and East Indies

french explorations
French: Explorations

-Jacques Cartier


- St. Lawrence River-chief route to North America

-Samuel de Champlain- most notable subsequent French explorer


french the beaver
French: The Beaver

-commercial exchange and convert to Catholicism

-Indians caught beavers, traded barbed underfur

-textiles, cooking pots, guns, disease

-used for pelt, leather/suede, felt

french bond
French: Bond

-Europeans depended on knowledge of Indians

-familiarity of habitats

-forced French to adapt to Indian

-beaver trade v.s. bond

-strengthened ‘bond’ (for more trade) by marrying

-metis : French-Indian offspring

england s landed empire
England’s Landed Empire

-no metal=good land for crop growing

-hunger for land at expense of Indians

-demand for farmland=bad relashionship

-led to wars (1630s and 1670s) –Indians v.s. newcomers


-impulse for colonization—more commercial, less religious


-1620s: tobaccofailingeconomycommercialpheonix


-brought English men and women to Virginia


-hunger for plantations = dispossession of Indians

-English- based New World Empire on land ownership

-pushed borders deep into Indian territory


-English-Caribbean island=Barbados

-sugarcane plantations-English and French

-no one power over region-competition fierce

-indigenous people decimated  workers from Africa

-sugar- killing crop



-immune to diseases, but couldn’t withstand regimen

-poor food

-atrocious living conditions

-filthy sanitation

-treated as nonhumans


-worked to death

slave resistance
Slave Resistance

-violent revolts


-crown banned slave trade from region

-”maroon communities”

-English took Jamaica from Spanish

-premier sight of Caribbean sugar by 1740’s

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