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Latin American PowerPoint Presentation
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Latin American

Latin American

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Latin American

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  1. Latin American

  2. Cultural Geography – History and Government • Maya, Aztec, and Inca built highly developed civilizations long before Europeans arrived in the Americas • Spain and Portugal controlled most of Latin America for more than 300 years • Most present-day leaders want a more stable government and an improved quality of life for Latin Americans

  3. Cultural Geography – Cultures and Lifestyles • The major religion of Latin America, Roman Catholicism, was brought to the region by the Spaniards and the Portuguese • Many advances have been made in Latin America in health care and education • Arts and literature have become less European and more uniquely Latin American • Although social class, way of life, and leisure activities may differ, all Latin Americans have a strong sense of family

  4. Physical Geography - The Land • Latin America is made up of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean Islands • Caribbean Islands are tops of underground mountains or cays • Huge mountain ranges, the largest of which is the Andes, dominate much of Latin America, often blocking communication • In the Andes, ecosystems change with elevation • Pampas, rain forests, and deserts are all ecosystems within Latin America

  5. Physical Geography – The Land • Large plateaus, used for grazing and farming, dot the Latin American landscape • Plains areas of Latin America have provided significant land areas for pastureland, farmland, and forestland • Most of the major river systems of Latin America, including the Amazon and the Río de la Plata, are in South America

  6. Physical Geography – The Climate and Vegetation • One of the most significant features of Latin America’s climate and vegetation are three highland zones based on elevation • Hurricanes and tropical storms are common to Latin America. • About every three years, will cause droughts and floods • The natural vegetation of Latin America varies according to climate and ranges from lush tropical rain forest evergreens to desert cacti

  7. Latin America Today – Living in Latin America • The economies of many Latin American countries are based on agriculture • Most Latin American countries have been slow to industrialize because of lack of funds, a skilled workforce, and raw materials and energy sources • The development of transportation and communication networks in Latin America have been slowed because of cost and physical barriers

  8. Latin America Today – People and Their Environment • Large areas of the Amazon River basin are suffering from deforestation • Road construction, small-scale farming, large-scale ranching, and the commercial exploitation of trees have all contributed to the deforestation of the Amazon rain forest • There is need for new methods, better planning, and stronger government regulation to help solve the problems of the Amazon rain forest and develop the resources without seriously harming the environment