Opc anticipated operational impacts during nesdis cip invocation fall 2009 copc meeting
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OPC Anticipated Operational Impacts During NESDIS CIP Invocation Fall 2009 COPC Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OPC Anticipated Operational Impacts During NESDIS CIP Invocation Fall 2009 COPC Meeting. Allan Darling. Action Item.

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Presentation Transcript
Opc anticipated operational impacts during nesdis cip invocation fall 2009 copc meeting

OPC Anticipated Operational Impacts During NESDIS CIP InvocationFall 2009 COPC Meeting

Allan Darling

Action item
Action Item Invocation

COPC Action Item 2009-1.4: CSAB will collect Operational Processing Center’s operational impacts during invocation of current NESDIS CIP capability, identify impacts that would be mitigated by a hot backup capability and report out to COPC

Finding: While OPCs report some impact during CIP implementation the greatest impact is related to applications/products not backed-up in the current CIP.

Recommendation: Close action item

Navoceano impacts
NAVOCEANO Impacts Invocation

  • MCSST processing will be minimally impacted during the time it takes the CIP to activate and provide the necessary 1b data to NAVO (less than 48 hours)

  • Altimetry processing will be impacted in that delayed JASON‐2 OGDR product delivery will adversely affect the wind/wave products we deliver to our customers

  • Optics processing will be completely disabled as CIP does not support MODIS data

  • If CIP were made a hot backup the only mitigation would be for the minimal impact to MCSST processing

Ncep impacts
NCEP Impacts Invocation

  • Model output degraded until CIP Phase 2

    • AMSU-A 1b Sounder Brightness Temperatures

    • AMSU-b 1lb Sounder Brightness Temperatures

    • MHS 1b Sounder Brightness Temperature

    • HIRS-3 1b Sounder Brightness Temperatures

    • HIRS-4 1b Sounder Brightness Temperatures

    • 1x1 Field-of-View Cloud Data (Cloud Top Pressure, Temperature)

  • Model output degraded

    • AIRS amd AMSU-A Every Field-of-View 1b Sounder Brightness Temperatures

    • 1x1 Field-of-View Satellite Soundings, Retrievals, Level 1c Sounder Brightness Temperatures

Afwa impacts
AFWA Impacts Invocation

  • Indirect impact since the UKMO model is the model of consistency. UKMO uses the following:

    • NOAA IR and microwave radiances (HIRS and AMSU)

    • DMSP microwave radiances (SSMI and SSMIS)

    • Aqua IR radiances (AIRS)

    • GOES-11 and -12 geostationary atmospheric motion vectors

    • Terra and Aqua polar atmospheric motion vectors

    • QuikSCAT and Coriolis scatterometer sea surface winds

    • Snow-cover analysis

    • NOAA vis and IR imagery (AVHRR)

  • Will not receive lightning and radar data via NOAAPort

  • Models utilize many sources of data to include NOAA polar orbiter-based microwave imaging data, high density GOES imagery as well as MODIS data. Loss of this data will degrade the performance of many AFWA-based models

Afwa impacts cont
AFWA Impacts – Cont. Invocation

  • Phased return of NESDIS products result in degraded production

  • Would not have a means of discriminating volcanic ash vs cloud/steam (MODIS is the best tool to use for this purpose - would like to see this added to the Phase 1-2 list as appropriate)

Afwa impacts cont1
AFWA Impacts – Cont. Invocation

  • Following items in Phase 1.5 will affect operations.

    • GFT (software)

    • IASI (data)

    • GRAS (data)

    • ASCAT (data)

    • GOME (data)

  • Major impact would be to the global model which in turn willdegrade the regional models based on the outage time

Afwa impacts cont2
AFWA Impacts – Cont. Invocation

  • Following items in Phase 2 will affect operations

    • QuikSCAT


    • AMSU (A/B)

    • Level 1b

    • TRMM

    • Family of Services?

    • Ingest

    • QuikSCAT (Level 2a/Level 2b?)

    • QuikSCAT Ambiguity (Level 2a/Level 2b?)

  • Loss of these data can be assessed as moderate impact

Afwa impacts cont3
AFWA Impacts – Cont. Invocation

  • Following items in Phase 3 will affect operations

    • Polar Winds

  • Outage will affect global model output and in turn impact the regional model output

Afwa impacts cont4
AFWA Impacts – Cont. Invocation

  • “The Following Applications Will Not Be Supported at the CIP Facility”, these items will affect operations.

    • ASCAT

    • IASI

    • MODIS

    • MODIS Lite

  • ASCAT and IASI would affect the WRF model and loss of MODIS would impact CDFS-II

  • Impact of these outages would be mitigated by the use of other data

  • Loss of ASCAT and IASI would have a greater impact on the global model which in turn impacts the regional model

Applications not supported at espc cip npoess customer forum aug 5 2009
Applications Not Supported at ESPC CIP InvocationNPOESS Customer Forum – Aug 5, 2009







ASOS Soundings

AutoSnow NA

1 km


AutoSnow NH 4 km

AutoSnow SH 4 km


Coastwatch / GIS

DPI – Imager [West only]

DPI – Sounder

Genesis Parameter



Map Server


Web Pages (Snow/Fire)

Polar Winds

HMS SAB GUI Interface



IMS SAB GUI Interface

Ingestor/Remap (Kalpana)

Ingestor/Remap (NOAA)




McIDAS Local Code


LPLOT (local code)


SHRAP (Local code)


Data Retrieval (SSEC)

Data Retrieval (NASA)

Data Retrieval (AMSR-E)

Remap (w/ correction)

MODIS Fire Points

MODIS Products


MODIS Winds Server




NGDC Fire Archive


OMI/SO2 Decoder

Polar Vis/IR (AWIPS)

Product Archive (NCDC)

Profiler (Winds)



SNOW Water Equivalent

Special Events (OSEI)

Tropical Cyclone (AMSR-E)

Volcano Multi-Spectral (Ellrod/CIRA)

Volcano PCI

Summary Invocation

OPCs agree that temporary application/product loss during CIP implementation has impact that persists only until CIP is fully executed.

OPCs will experience sustained impact during CIP from applications/products not included in CIP capability (see Non-CIP_Products in the background materials)