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JAG/ODAA Fall 2009 COPC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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JAG/ODAA Fall 2009 COPC. Co-Chairs Mr. James Vermeulen, FNMOC Dr. Bradley Ballish, NCEP Exec. Secretary: Mr. Tony Ramirez, OFCM. Overview. ODAA Roster Accomplishments and Ongoing Activities JAG/ODAA Action Items Satellite Data Requests ESDA Status

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jag odaa fall 2009 copc



Mr. James Vermeulen, FNMOC

Dr. Bradley Ballish, NCEP

Exec. Secretary:

Mr. Tony Ramirez, OFCM

  • ODAA Roster
  • Accomplishments and Ongoing Activities
  • JAG/ODAA Action Items
  • Satellite Data Requests
  • ESDA Status
  • COPC Action Items for JAG/ODAA
  • New Issues
odaa roster


  • Conventional data
  • Satellite data
  • Satellite data assimilation
jag odaa roster1

*New member


Accomplishments and Ongoing Activities

Environmental Satellite Data Annex (ESDA)

and Technical Reference-1

  • Completed final coordination of the ESDA
  • Implemented ESDA Technical Reference (TR-1)
    • Implemented a satellite data product request form and request procedures

Accomplishments and Ongoing Activities

  • Initiated new data streams (TBD)
jag odaa action items
JAG/ODAA Action Items
  • Conventional Data Sub Group Action Items

2007-3.2-C BUFR bulletin data type and description information for OPCs.

    • WMO is replacing ascii formats with BUFR
    • Need a web site maintained by NWS/TOC
    • Site would include data descriptions and available formats
    • NCEP is developing this capability
    • Sample product distributed for review and comment
    • Will also apply to satellite BUFR data
jag odaa action items1
JAG/ODAA Action Items

2009-1.1-C Comparison of Fixed Weather Site Dictionaries

  • Work comparing Master Station Libraries continues
  • Verifying correct station location and elevation
  • Upper air phase of the site comparisons is complete
  • Summary of significant differences completed
  • Impact test run on the global forecast system for the environmental modeling center with positive results
  • determine if OPCs have corrected their upper air dictionaries
  • Next phase is comparison of surface dictionaries
jag odaa action items2
JAG/ODAA Action Items

2009-4.1-C Requests for Operational Data from NWS Gateway and overall improvement in Communications

  • Members reported that requests for operational data are not being answered or acknowledged.
  • Members asked for clarification as to the preferred method to request data.
  • Communications in general with the gateway are in need of improvement.

2009-4.2-CDetermine if OPCs have corrected their upper air dictionaries as the result of NCEPs dictionary comparison findings.

2009-4.3-C Create notification list for NCEP’s conventional data problem notifications.

  • OPCs and other significant conventional data users may not be receiving notification of conventional data problems when they are discovered by NCEP.
jag odaa action items3
JAG/ODAA Action Items
  • Satellite DataSub Group Action Items

2008-4.1-S Transition of EOS data from Goddard (R&D) to NESDIS (Ops).

Status: Full suite of MODIS data is flowing to AFWA. Closed

2008-5.2-S NCEP participation (member) to address Satellite Data issues.

Status: Dr. Wayman Baker has been appointed. Closed

jag odaa action items4
JAG/ODAA Action Items

2008-8.7-S AATSR, MSG & AMSRE SST Data from NAVO to FNMOC.

Status: Completed. Closed

2008-8.8-S NOAA assistance to NAVO in acquiring future altimetry data from Altika, HY2 (Chinese), and Sentinel 3 satellites.

  • Chinese HY2 data is no longer feasible and was removed as a potential source
  • NESDIS is currently working on an agreement for Altika (launch 2010) and plans to similarly pursue Sentinel 3 (launch 2012) satellite data.
jag odaa action items5
JAG/ODAA Action Items

2009-4.4-S Draft a consolidated OPC data request to NESDIS to obtain level 1b MODIS and IASI data for conversion to proxy NPOESS HDF5 products for testing.

  • Apply IPO created software to convert data into proxy NPOESS VIIRS and CRIS/ATMS HDF-5 like data
  • Send data, encode, and make available to OPC's and JCSDA
  • IT infrastructure testing at first
  • As test data sets mature and NPOESS data formats and science sensor data are made available, will also go after that data.
jag odaa action items6
JAG/ODAA Action Items

2009-4.5-S Include NPP data flow information into the TR-1 front matter.

  • In order for FNMOC to receive Authority to Operate (ATO) for NPP data transfer from AFWA to FNMOC and NAVO
  • Need to have information included in the TR-1 and reference an approved (signed) ESDA by 29 September 2009.
jag odaa action items7
JAG/ODAA Action Items

Satellite DataAssimilation Sub Group Action Items

2009-4.6-SDAGoes Hourly Winds Product Access for FNMOC.

  • NESDIS produces an hourly GOES wind product
  • FNMOC is interested in operational access to this data for testing for operational NWP use.
satellite data requests
Satellite Data Requests

Request log tracks progress of satellite data requests.

2009-3 Terminate transmission of ATOVS BUFR data products to AFWA


Status: Completed – Closed

2009-4 Transmit N-19 AMSU-A data products to AFWA

Requestor: AFWA/2WXG

Status: Completed -- Closed

satellite data requests1
Satellite Data Requests

2009-5 Transmit N-19 LAC & HRPT 1b data products to NAVOCEANO

Requestor: NAVOCEANO

Status: Completed – Closed

2009-6 Transmit N-19 GAC SST data products to NOAA/NESDIS

Requestor: NOAA/NESDIS Status: Completed -- Closed

environmental satellite data annex esda
Environmental Satellite Data Annex (ESDA)

ESDA approval Sep 09 completes transition from SPP to

NOPC/COPC management structure


Signed Sep 08


Signed Sep 09

ESDA Technical Reference 1 Implemented Oct 09