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VENTURE REVIEW. EDSGN452 Jia Tracy SHEN SIA. Ventures on info platform- establish a multi-service internet kiosk. Social issues: Indian rural masses couldn’t afford to access internet information Entrepreneurship idea: establish a multi-service internet kiosk

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Venture review



Jia Tracy SHEN


Ventures on info platform establish a multi service internet kiosk
Ventures on info platform-establish a multi-service internet kiosk

  • Social issues: Indian rural masses couldn’t afford to access internet information

  • Entrepreneurship idea: establish a multi-service internet kiosk

  • How it works: set up internet kiosks in villages and managed by Drishtee-trained locals, providing documentation for license and health insurance.

  • Result: a lot of information related to commodity rates, gov’t records, trade data were delivered to Indians.

Multi service kisok cont d
Multi-service kisok(cont’d)

1.What we can learn from it?

  • put our platform on these kiosks which is accessible for downloading

    2. Further contact info: SatyanMishra, Ashoka Fellow Organization: DrishteeLocation: India Website:

Venture review on info cont d
Venture review on INFO (cont’d)

  • Improving ideas on Prenaro:

    Facts :

  • about India’s mobile ownership: 742.12 Million telephone (landlines and mobile) subscribers and 706.69 Million mobile phone connections as of Oct 31st 2010

  • India has the world's third largest subscriber base of internet users with 100 million users (of whom 40 million use the internet via mobile phones) as of Dec 2010.

Indian telecom facts cont d
Indian telecom facts (cont’d)

  • Internet penetration in India is one of the lowest in the world (8.4% of the population).

  • 90% of Internet users have mobile phones (India’s internet use report)

  • Cyber-cafe is more accessible and cheaper with Rs15-20.

  • 90% of the cyber-café audience, across eight cities and 3,500 cafés, is male and in the age bracket of 15 to 35 years (An AC Nielson study)

What this translates into
What this translates into?

  • 1. access to internet from home is still hard

  • 2. mobile internet is a way to go

  • 3. online subscriber is well educated and could be the target customer of our education-oriented audio platform.

Ventures on maternal health
Ventures on maternal health

  • Social issues: maternal deaths. High new-borne child mortality, a high rate of HIV/AIDS infections .

  • Entrepreneurship idea: to prevent the transmission of HIV between mother and child

  • How it works: modify an existing nipple shield by adding a non-woven disk (cotton-wool) containing a common micro-bicidecompound that inactivates the HIV without harming the baby. 

  • Result: This allows the mother to directly feed the baby rather than having to collect and heat the milk, which can result in social stigma

Nipple shield http tech ashoka org taxonomy term 731
Nipple shield

Improving ideas on m power
Improving ideas on M Power

  • I support more on “Prenera” and wish others could come up more ideas!