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Department of Administrative Services

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Department of Administrative Services. December 2010. Fleet , Risk & Surplus Property Customer Seminar . Fleet Management. Ed Finnegan, Director Jim Sever, ERP Business Solutions . VITAL Data. REPORTS. REPORTS. SPREADSHEETS. SPREADSHEETS. METRICS. METRICS. 3. VITAL Insights.

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department of administrative services

Department of Administrative Services

December 2010

Fleet , Risk & Surplus Property Customer Seminar

Fleet Management

Ed Finnegan, Director

Jim Sever, ERP Business Solutions









vital insights
VITAL Insights
  • Vital Insights is an ARI application separate from the maintenance program.
  • More than just user friendly, it offers higher level of reporting capability.
  • The VR process is incorporated into the to system.
  • Maximo is gone!
vital insights capabilities benefits
VITAL Insights Capabilities & Benefits
  • One Stop Shop for Fleet Data
    • Vehicle Inventory
    • Fuel transactions (manual or WEX entered)
    • Maintenance transactions (manual or ARI-entered)
  • Manual Data Entry
    • Fuel, Maintenance, Odometer Readings
vital insights capabilities benefits1
VITAL Insights Capabilities & Benefits
  • Enhanced Reporting
    • Export vehicle transactions & general info to Excel spreadsheet
    • Odometer exception & fleet metrics reports
  • Added Risk-Related Information
    • Risk info: APD coverage, risk premium, book value
    • Report My Driving Sticker info
Office of Fleet Management

Educational Series

  • Over the past 2 months we have trained over 1000 state employees in person.
  • Weekly ARI Insights webinar.
  • Recorded webinars for in-depth training on your schedule.
  • Will be going around the state to discuss Report My Driving.
vehicle request process
Vehicle Request Process

Waiting Agency


Waiting Fleet

Coordinator Review

Waiting for OFM


Waiting for OPB



Approver #2


Approver #1



Fleet Coordinator /


Agency Approver


important criteria for vehicle requests phase 1
Important Criteria for Vehicle RequestsPhase 1*
  • No ZERO vehicles.
  • Compliant with mandatory WEX Fuel Card program.
  • Current on Maintenance Data
  • Should be within your OPB vehicle allocation
biggest fleet issue
Biggest Fleet Issue








Vehicle Utilization*
  • What is vehicle utilization?
    • Miles driven compared with expected use
  • Fleet policy states that all state vehicles will be utilized a minimum of 14,000 miles per year (Policy No.10, Revision #6)
    • 6,000 minimum in campus environment

*Governors Office and Legislature asking for this low use data

Your Partners

Can Save You Money

doas fleet service contracts toolbox
DOAS Fleet Service Contracts/Toolbox
  • Maintenance Management Services (ARI)
  • Fuel Management Services – Wright Express (Wex Card)
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Vehicle acquisition)
    • Daily rentals
    • Short-term (Walk-Away) leases
    • Car share and pooling solutions (New WeCar program.

Driver’s Alert—Report My Driving

how the ari program can help your fleet
How the ARI Program Can help your fleet?
  • Automatic Data Entry
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs – 10-20% w/National vendors
  • Reduced Overhead/Administration Costs-Consolidated Billing
  • Provides Detailed Audit Trails
  • Warranty and Post Warranty Recovery
  • Access 24/7/365 to Call Center w/ASE certified Tech with toll-free access - 1-800 CAR-CARE
  • State drivers call techs that are ASE certified and negotiate on your behalf
  • Provides more time and resources to focus on agency core mission objectives
  • Provides a state and nation wide vendor network
  • Detailed vehicle dashboards, KPIs, analysis and reports
ga vendor network coverage
GA Vendor Network Coverage

National Account Vendors

38,000 shops nationwide

1,117 shops in Georgia

10-20% off retail pricing

Independent Vendors

52,000 shops nationwide; 3,826 in Georgia

ARI rates each vendor according to speed of repair, willing to negotiate and accuracy of invoice

ARI can add your current specialized vendors to our network

cost avoidance
Cost Avoidance*
  • Administrative cost avoidance = $29.84 vehicle/month
  • Direct repair cost avoidance = $9.92 vehicle/month
  • Program cost is $8.66 vehicle/month

* Based on FY2009-10 program savings.

how to participate with ari
How to Participate with ARI?

OFM Meets with Agency to discuss program and benefits

Agency provides vehicle Listing to OFM

ARI puts together

Vehicle Operators

Packets & sends

To Agency

Coupons, Phone #’s, &


extra extra
Extra! Extra!
  • Due to the increased participation in ARI, DOAS has reduced it’s fee by 43%!
  • The administrative fee of 7% has been reduced to 4% as of 1-1-11.
  • We will continue to monitor this to see if further adjustments are possible.
  • If you’re one of the many satisfied customers, tell another agency!
summary wex fuel management program
Summary Wex Fuel Management Program

Key Benefits:

  • Wex program works similar to P-Card program w/access to over 90% of retail vendors accepting Wex for fuel and maintenance purchases at reduced prices aiding driver from price shopping.
  • Provides 24/7/365 access to online tools, calculators, pre-authorized spending limit ability, purchase alerts, transaction limits, exception reports, etc.
  • Secure cards assigned to vehicles and PINs assigned to employees reducing occurrence of slippage, misuse and fraud.
  • Secure access to “Real-time” fuel data allowing agency focus on auditing tasks versus administrative tasks. (e.g. invoice processing, checks, postage, reimbursement, ordering, inventory mgt, data entry, invoice processing costs, telephone calls, data entry, fuel reimbursement expenses..etc.).
  • Potential Fleet Savings/Year for 500 vehicle fleet/1000 employees can be $333,667 (Average of 24.3% reduction in costs)
Manage Purchase Alerts
  • Purchase Alerts are generated from parameters you set
    • Receive email notification when a transaction exceeds your purchase guidelines
    • Allows the transaction to authorize so your driver can stay on the road
    • Fast activity reporting helps you address any problems quickly

Choose from a variety of parameters:

• Number of transactions per day

• Out-of-state transactions

• Off-hours transactions

• Day of the week

• Dollars per day

• Dollars per transaction

• Gallons per transaction

• Fuel type

how to order fuel cards
How To Order Fuel Cards

E-mail form to:

[email protected]

OFM emails template to

Wright Express

OFM reviews

Spreadsheet Template

Complete a Fuel Card

Spreadsheet Template

Sends WEX cards to Agency

wex card issues
WEX Card Issues
  • Duplicates!!!
  • Generic names
  • Sharing PINS
  • Fraud
enterprise rent a car state contract
Enterprise Rent-A-Car State Contract


  • Daily Rental Vehicles
  • Short Term Closed End Lease Vehicles
  • Car Share and Pool Vehicles (WeCar)

Key Benefits:

  • Leverages operating expense budget
  • Reduces largest costs of fleet ownership (i.e. Depreciation, administrative overhead)
  • Reduces excessive reimbursement, streamlines billing, information and reporting
  • Provides a wide variety of vehicles
  • Increased driver productivity using free pick up for instate rentals
  • Real-time reservation online reservation portal to over 212 store locations statewide
  • Roadside assistance for enhanced driver safety and security
  • Cost comparison calculation tool
the comparison tool can be accessed at http ssl doas state ga us vehcostcomp
The comparison tool can be accessed at

One day trip using a mid-size saves $12 with an additional $7 savings using a compact car

why non state vehicle ownership alternatives
Why Non-State Vehicle Ownership Alternatives?
  • Vehicle ownership can be a costly decision if made unwisely,
  • Provide agencies with other low cost transportation alternative,
  • Reduce POV and avoid excessive costs, vehicle and employee downtime,
  • Increase vehicle utilization and reduce the state’s fleet size,
  • Provide lower cost transportation alternatives to agencies with unreliable vehicles using costly alternatives to provide mission critical transportation,
  • Leverage Enterprise Rent-a-car’s fleet expertise as an industry consultant under DOAS direction to provide State agencies with alternative and cost-effective transportation solutions,
  • Propose reliable and safe transportation alternative
  • Provide the State with validation process regarding use of short-term leasing options to both right-size fleet and provide more cost-effective agency transportation solutions.
example lease program costs
Example: Lease Program Costs


Lowers total monthly cost to operate a state vehicle

report my driving program
Report My Driving Program

DOAS pays the cost and you can reap the benefits:

  • Fewer claims
  • Less down time
  • Less expense
  • Fewer injuries
  • Safer vehicles
  • Lower Premiums
ofm team member contact information
OFM Team Member Contact Information

Ed Finnegan- [email protected] 404-651-7263

General information, leasing, policy, legislation, best practice, etc.

Jim Sever – [email protected] 404-657-6907

Special projects, Agency data profiles, VITAL access, etc.

Allyson Williams – [email protected] 404-657-6935

Data analysis, agency profiles/scorecards, management reports, etc.

Roger Kennedy – [email protected] 404-656-6295

Wright Express and ARI participation, access and information, etc.

Bobby Arrington – [email protected] 404-657-6908

Vehicle Requests (VRs), VITAL helpdesk, VITAL Training, etc.

John Wynn – [email protected] 404-657-6930

VITAL DB Performance, Special data queries, VITAL reporting, etc.

Office Fax 678-913-0537

General Mailbox [email protected]

risk management services

Risk Management Services

December 2010

Insurance 101

Chris Risley

Director of Risk Management Services

risk management services1
Risk Management Services

Insurance 101

Your presenter – Chris Risley

Director of Risk Management Services

risk management services2
Risk Management Services
  • Self-Insurance mechanism of the State of Georgia
  • RMS handles nearly all exposures associated with the operations of Georgia State Government assumed under the Georgia Tort Claims Act, Georgia State Law and Federal Statutes
  • With $26.5B in property assets, 130,000 WC covered lives, $581M in liabilities under management, RMS would be in the top 25 of world wide insurance organizations
  • Sovereign Immunity waived under Georgia Tort Claims Act
risk management services3
Risk Management Services
  • How we operate:
    • Claims Mitigation - Internal claims staff handle retained losses
    • Risk Financing - Purchase excess coverage in the insurance market and manage the RMS Trust Funds
    • Risk Consulting - Support other state and quasi-state functions
    • Loss Control – Comprehensive Loss Control Program (CLCP) designed to help agencies avoid or minimize losses in their organization.
    • Enterprise Risk Management approach to loss prevention
    • Annual Risk Report – Comprehensive report on risk related activities
risk management services4
Risk Management Services

Auto Liability & General Liability

risk management services5
Risk Management Services

Auto Insurance Program

  • Auto Liability follows the driver not the vehicle
  • Auto Physical Damage covers the asset - State vehicle for comprehensive and collision
  • Auto Accidents - touch nearly all areas of RMS, therefore, auto exposures receive additional attention
  • Single event most likely to result in the death of a state employee
  • Top 3 most expensive Workers’ Compensation claim type
risk management services6
Risk Management Services

Auto Program Statistics

  • 100,000+ potential drivers
  • FY2008 – 650 accidents involving Auto Liability
  • Currently only 9950 of the states 21,000 vehicles are insured for Auto Physical Damage
  • Average total cost of an accident $21,000.
  • Cost of APD coverage – 1% of market value
  • Cost for Auto Liability Coverage - $0 for 8 years
risk management services7
Risk Management Services

How Auto Exposures are addressed:

  • Comprehensive Loss Control Program
    • Driver Qualification
    • Driver Training
    • Accident Review Panels
    • Participant Deductible Adjustments
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Claims Trending
    • “Report My Driving” Stickers and post complaint call driver training
    • Support post accident Drug and Alcohol testing
risk management services8
Risk Management Services

General Liability Exposures

  • Slip and Fall cases
  • Negligent Road Design and/or Maintenance
  • Prisoner Civil Rights cases
  • Professional Negligence/ Malpractice
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • All cases brought under the Georgia Tort Claims Act, Georgia State Law and Federal statutes
risk management services9
Risk Management Services

Questions on Auto Liability or General Liability?

risk management services10
Risk Management Services

Property Insurance

risk management services11
Risk Management Services

Property Insurance Program

  • 16,000+ owned locations
  • 5,000+ leased locations
  • $26.5B+ in building and contents asset values
  • All tracked in State Property Commission’s BLLIP database
  • Program retains first $3M of each loss
  • Program deductibles as low as $1000. per loss
  • Business Interruption coverage available
risk management services12
Risk Management Services

Property Program Loss Prevention

  • Control preventable exposures:
    • Insulate exposed pipes
    • Use lightning/ power surge protection systems
    • Place laptops in trunks of vehicles rather than in view of potential thieves
    • Internal Financial Audits/ Accounting Oversight
    • Give proper access to water valves
    • Building/ mechanical system maintenance agreements
    • Thermography studies
risk management services13
Risk Management Services

Questions on Property Insurance?

risk management services14
Risk Management Services

Workers’ Compensation

risk management services15
Risk Management Services

Workers’ Compensation Program

  • Self-funded insurance mechanism established to comply with federal and state requirements
  • Georgia Workers’ Compensation statutes
  • Interpretation of and adjudication of applicable laws handled by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation
risk management services16
Risk Management Services

Loss Prevention – Workers’ Compensation

  • Components of the CLCP
  • Workplace safety – including vehicles
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Education
  • Hazard Identification and Mitigation
  • Post accident claims trending and prevention
  • Loss Avoidance
  • Contractual Risk Transfer
risk management services17
Risk Management Services

Loss Control – Workers’ Compensation

  • Return to Work Program
  • Georgia Activity Analysis
  • Unbundled Claims Handling Program
    • Certified Managed Care Organization (MCO)
    • Medical Bill Review
    • Third Party Administrator (TPA) claims staff
    • Preferred Provider Network (PPO)
    • Call Center
risk management services18
Risk Management Services

Coming Attractions…

  • PAWA – Protect American Workers Act
    • Will make public entities OSHA compliant
  • CLCP #9 Contractual Risk Transfer
    • Address Georgia Supreme Court’s extension of GTCA to contract employees
  • Debit Card Payments
    • Alternative to paper checks for indemnification benefits
  • New Federal Oversight
    • CMS will review all payments to employees and third parties to eliminate duplication of federal medical benefits
risk management services19
Risk Management Services

Contact Information:

[email protected] 404-463-1499

[email protected] 404-463-5458

surplus property

Surplus Property

December 2010

Steve Ekin

Director , Surplus Property

what is surplus property
What is Surplus Property?
  • Personal Property
    • Any fixed or movable tangible property
    • Used for operations
    • Non-consumable
    • Benefit extends beyond 1 year
    • Title determines ownership, not fund source
    • Capitol asset, acquisition cost ≥$5,000
  • Surplus is personal property that the state no longer requires
  • Disposal is the final step in asset management cycle
change was inevitable
Change was inevitable…
  • Transformation was planned
    • Migrate federal surplus to direct donation
    • Closed warehouses in October 2008
      • Moved remaining staff to Atlanta in June 09
    • Implemented electronics pick-up capability
    • Auto Auction contract
    • Revised destruction/disposal policy
    • Published GA Surplus Property Manual (available in PDF on
a work in progress
A Work in Progress…
  • Revised positions to focus on virtual disposal
    • Web Merchandise Specialists
    • Process from “STAR” through sale
  • Developed Web Merchandise Coordinator
    • Responsible for goal of 3 day processing
    • Primary agency contact to STAR
  • Revised web site
    • Includes up dated forms
revised refund policy
Revised Refund Policy
  • Funded vs. Non-funded
    • Historical, without any legislative direction
    • Inequitable
  • Revised refund policy beginning FY-11
    • No “funded” agencies, all get same refund
      • 1st $100 of any sale retained
      • Remaining proceeds split 50/50
      • Paid to agencies monthly
      • Percentage evaluated quarterly
    • No fees on inter-agency transfers
agency benefits
Agency Benefits
  • Agency controls the process, greater flexibility
  • Direct vs. indirect expenses
  • No transportation expenses (time or money)
  • Reduces storage requirements
  • Assets are available state wide

Average processing time 10-17 business days

general asset disposal chapter 8
General Asset Disposal (Chapter 8)
  • Transfer (T) - State to state
  • Direct Negotiated Sale (DNS) – State to local government or non-profit
  • Vendor Return (V) – State to vendor, non-sale
  • Internet Sales (IS) – Sale to the public
    • Auction
    • Buy It Now
  • Authorized Disposal (AD)
  • Electronics (ELC)
descriptions photos chapter 9
Descriptions & Photos (Chapter 9)
  • Descriptions
    • Complete
      • Name, make, model, year
    • Accurate
      • Don’t guess
    • Selling on line
      • Read the terms & conditions
      • Transactions are “as is-where is”
      • Do not discuss operation or functionality during inspection or pick-up
      • Refer issues to Surplus before customer leaves
  • Date taken out of service
  • Was this item known to be operational when last in service?
  • Acquisition cost if known
  • What kind of damage if any
  • Engine type –how may cylinders? Motor – Size, Hp, Hours
  • Fuel type– Gas, Diesel, Propane, Electric
  • Voltage 110 or 220, Hertz, Single Phase or 3 Phase?
  • What type of plug does the item have?
  • Brand, Manufacture, Model, Year, Serial Number
  • Weight
  • Size – provide dimensions: height, length and width
  • Tank size? Number of gallons
  • Type of tank? Material made of, Fiberglass, Metal, Poly, etc
  • Generator – What is the KW size?
  • Is the item skid mounted or trailer mounted?
  • All data plate information that is available

“Think like a customer”

descriptions photos chapter 91
Descriptions & Photos (Chapter 9)
  • Photos
    • Uncluttered
    • Full image
    • As many as needed
    • Light behind camera
    • .jpg format
    • 400 x 600 pixels (1 mb)
    • Rename for easy ID
    • Store in virtual folder
    • “A picture is worth a thousand words”

“Think like a customer”

vehicles chapter 14
Vehicles (Chapter 14)
  • Agency Responsibilities:
    • Ensures accurate vehicle information
      • Make, model, year, VIN, mileage
    • Have original title
    • Have all available keys
    • Remove state equipment, markings (decals) and plates
    • Transportation costs (if applicable)
    • Complete & send Property Transfer form
  • Auto Auction Sale
    • Fair market value exceeds transportation costs
    • No storage or security issues
  • Vendor
    • May deliver or have picked up
      • $1.10/mile/vehicle
    • Inspects vehicle
    • Takes photos
    • Can remove markings (bill back to agency)
    • Make available for donees
    • Sells to highest bidder at auction
  • Sell on-site
    • Transportation costs exceeds fair market value
  • Agency
    • Take photos (4 minimum)
    • Complete Vehicle Inspection Form
    • Show at scheduled inspections
    • “Close Sale”
      • Transfer tile, keys, etc.
electronics disposal chapter 15
Electronics Disposal (Chapter 15)
  • Electronics Issues
    • Data security
    • Electronics are environmentally hazardous
  • May be disposed of through T, DNS, V, Sale, AD
    • Criteria is different for each disposal option
  • Vendor Disposal
    • Agencies may deliver to vendor
federal property acquisition chapter 18
Federal Property Acquisition (Chapter 18)
  • Direct Donation
    • From federal agency to donee
    • Always a service charge
  • Agencies may screen for themselves
    • Login: 4757GA
    • Password: GASURPLUS
  • DOAS requests allocation from GSA
    • If allocated, agency has 14 days to remove asset
contact information
Contact Information

Surplus Property Division

200 Piedmont Ave. Suite 1802 West

Atlanta, GA 30334-9010

O: 404-657-8544 F: 404-463-2912