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Department of Administrative Services

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Department of Administrative Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Department of Administrative Services. October 1, 2012. Office of Fleet Management Ed Finnegan Director. Providing Value to a Decentralized Fleet . Who are we?. “ State can’t say how many vehicles it has !” AJC headline, circa 2001.

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Department of Administrative Services

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    1. Department of Administrative Services October 1, 2012 Office of Fleet Management Ed Finnegan Director

    2. Providing Value to a Decentralized Fleet

    3. Who are we? • “State can’t say how many vehicles it has!” AJC headline, circa 2001. • No records of who had what vehicles and what the associated costs were. • Governor creates the Office of Fleet Management within DOAS. • “In cooperation with the Office of Planning and Budgets, OFM oversees the purchase, use, utilization, fuel and maintenance of all state owned vehicles.”

    4. Method and Goal • OPB sets the policy and OFM measures compliance. • One goal: reduce the cost of the state’s fleet.

    5. Obstacles Of the 20,000+ vehicles: • 6,077 are 15 yrs or older. • 11,538 are over 10 years old • The average is 9.75 yrs. • 2,350 have more than 200,000 miles Cost of bringing our fleet into a 7 yr lifecycle? More than $300,000,000.

    6. How are we structured? • We are upside down! • Expertise in maintenance is at the agency level. • They know vehicles. We know data. • 160 agencies. 150 fleets from 4300 to 1. • OFM has had 5 past Directors in 10 yrs all trying to centralize the fleet. • Time to change course.

    7. Why we think they need us • For some, they are too small to have a real Fleet Manager. • For the larger ones, we can drive their costs down with the data we collect. • We use the power of large #’s to secure better deals on oil changes, tires, body repairs, fuel, etc. • We offer programs to save them money.

    8. Fleet Programs • VITAL • ARI Maintenance Program • Wright Express Fuel Card Program • Report My Driving Sticker Program • Auto Physical Damage Program

    9. ARI Maintenance • “Hard” savings through national discounts and reductions to estimates = 2x’s the cost of the program. • “Soft” savings = 4x’s the cost of the program. • Special pricing at Jiffy Lube, Mieneke and Econo-lube can save the state $1,000,000. • Driver Excellence Program spotlights good driving habits and efficient fuel use while distributing safety reminders weekly.

    10. Wright Express Fuel Card • 2/3 of the $72,000,000 is for state vehicles. • Tracks nationwide purchases: time, date, location, employee, vehicle, type/quantity of fuel. • Strips taxes at point of sale. • Purchase alerts and profiles stop/limit sales. • Provides real-time price comparisons.

    11. WEXOnline® > Tool Kit > Fuel Price Mapping

    12. How we communicate our value. • Quarterly Snapshots-stats about their business. • Weekly Blasts-reminders of ongoing projects, new product information and success stories from the agencies. • The Forum- message board. Connects fleet managers to ARI experts, to OFM staff and to Each Other.

    13. The Big Picture Risk, Safety, and Fleet Must Be Connected. • If you self-insure, the benefits will be immediate. • If you use the marketplace, the savings will be just as real. • We have two programs that support this theory: Report My Driving and Auto Physical Damage.

    14. Report My Driving • Identifies poor habits and trends. • Provides complaint-specific training. • Provides a library of training material to all state employees. • Puts a supervisor in the car with every employee. • In 3 years, claims have been reduced by 38%. • Savings of approximately $4,000,000.

    15. Auto Physical Damage Coverage • 11,000 state vehicles on the program. • Provides a finite expense for all accidents. • Cuts downtime. • Manages losses. • Manages condition of Fleet.

    16. Questions & Answers

    17. Good Intentions? • Want to “green” up your Fleet? • What would that cost? • Electric, Propane, or CNG? • Is their funding available? • Is this really feasible? • Where do you start?

    18. Right Here! The Committee for Clean Vehicles in Georgia • Provides the structure to get started. • Provides the technical expertise. • Provides the financial opportunities. • Provides safety and education material. • Provides a feasibility study. It’s a one stop shop for Going Green!


    20. COMMITTEE FOR CLEAN VEHICLES IN GEORGIA A Unified Strategic Public/Private Partnership

    21. We’re New. • So new, that our site is under construction. • Contact