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Lakes and Wetlands

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Lakes and Wetlands. With Professer Stick man By: Andre Szagesh. Hi!. So, we have a few questions to answer. These questions are on a little sheet of paper with black words, bla bla bla. First question is, what caused the formation of most lakes in Michigan?.

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lakes and wetlands

Lakes and Wetlands

With Professer Stick man

By: Andre Szagesh



Lake michiganis there for some odd reason people wanted to know to they made up words like runoff.


Runoff is were the rain water runs off the slopes of mountains and hills flowing into creeks, rivers, steams, and soon into the ocean.


However, not all of the water makes it into the ocean, the water wants to go to the lowest part of land and michigan is not made like that.


Here this map shows the depth of lake michigan, red is not that deep, were the blue area is the deepest part, so the water is going to want to go there first.


Now this lake does not have a big enough river that the water can go through to get to the ocean, therefor the water can do to things.


First it can dry up, or second it can stay but only if there is enough water, if there is there is a new beach for people to pollute with there junk.


Now the second question is, show how the great lakes have formed…well start from back in the beginning.


but when I type into the google search engine “Michigan before the great lakes formed” trains appear.


Most of people say that the great lakes formed because of the ice age…well at least a little bit over half of the great lakes formed


And over time with all the rain fall, the water has added onto the great lakes making them bigger.


The next question says define eutrophication, and it want a picture…however the word is spelled wrong…


This is a picture of Eutrophication…words are blurry, it means increase in the rate of supply of organic matter in an ecosystem… or so they say…


yahoo answers is blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So the next question asks…well the next few asks to define some words…wetland, bog, marsh, swamp.


Wetland – land that is wet, something like a swamp.

Bog - it’s a um…a wet marshy ground, largely consisting of accumulated decomposing plant material.

Marsh – land that is low lying and is not suitable for building homes and businesses.

Swamps – land that has a lot of water and usually if there was building there, they would be built some feet above the ground to avoid flooding of that nasty green water and alligators.